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10 Hollywood Actresses Dressing Sense Make You Jealous


10 Hollywood Actresses Dressing Sense Make You Jealous – In today’s era, the film industry is moving through many roles in our world. Today’s film industry brings many films every year. But seeing the bold scenes shown in them, everyone’s heart fills up.

As far as this is seen, bold scenes have been done by many Hollywood actresses. Although it has been seen The audience likes these scenes very much. . Nowadays, many movies show such scenes.

10 Hollywood Actresses Dressing Sense Make You Jealous

1. Emilia Clark – Hollywood Actresses

Emilia Clarke UK is based in London. It is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. It is very famous for its beauty and its acting. He is more known as the role model of Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clark has become very popular with the Game of Thrones series.

Talk about Emilia Clarke’s personal life. So he was born on 23 October 1986 in UK London. If you want to know more about them. So you can see briefly below.

Physical State and Personal Life

  • Height- 157cm
  • Weight- 52kg (115 lbs)
  • Eye color- Green
  • Hair color- Brown 
  • Age(As in 2021)- 34 Years
  • Home town- Berkshire, England
  • Birth Place- UK, London
  • Profession- Actress
  • Nationality- British
  • Net worth- 3 Million$
  • First Debut- Tv debut as a Doctor in 2009 and first film debut in 2011
  • Education and Qualification- Graduate in Drama

2. Charlize Theron

Hollywood Actresses

Charlize Theron is an African and American actress. It has also been one of the best actresses of the 1990s. He has won many awards and awards in his career. He made his debut in films since 1990. Since then it has dominated everywhere. It has given a lot of great movies in her career. For which he was awarded many awards.

Physical State and Personal Life

  • Height- 5 feet 9 inches
  • Weight- 55kg
  • Eye color- Green
  • Hair color- Dark Brown 
  • Age(As in 2021)- 45 Years
  • Home town- Benoni- Transvaal Province, South Africa
  • Birth Place- Benoni-Transvaal Province, South Africa
  • Profession- Actress
  • Nationality- South Africa, American
  • Net worth- 23 Million$(USD)
  • First Debut- 1999
  • Education and Qualification

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