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123MoviesGoMoviesGoStreamMeMovies or 123movieshub was a network of online movie streaming sites handled from  Vietnam, which allowed users to watch films for free. It’s already shut down due to Piracy and many other cases under criminal investigation being charged on the 123movies.

Being shut down a few weeks later on foot of a criminal investigation by the Vietnamese and other authorities in many countries as well.

Everyone loves to watch movies online and there are lots of platforms available on the Internet. Where you can easily watch your favorite shows, movies, web series for free. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu also provide the same things to the user but you have to pay some amount to them, afterward you will be able to watch the shows.

123movies provides you with the same concepts as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu. But without any cost to your pocket. Thousands of searches occurred due to 123movies over on the internet, for example like 123movies, 123movies.com, 123 movies online, 123movies download, 123 movies unblocked, 123movies gomovies. These are some basic keywords for those who help you to find out the 123movies.

Why this website is too much famous?

As I mentioned above 123movies is a free streaming website for those who provide you with the latest movies, web series, show movies all over the world. It’s a totally free website, operating from Vietnam. It’s a very famous website. Its global search volume is around 4 million-plus. You can watch your favorite movie show and download the same without any problem due to which this website is very famous for online users.

Is 123movies closed?

Officially via government statements from different countries, this site has been closed in 2019. But there are lots of clone sites that operate through different countries are available on the internet. These sites are operating from the same handlers of 123movies. As many countries shut the 123movies domain name in their countries previously after getting complaints from the Film industry. But many clone website is again active.

The Original name of the website is 123movies.to and it’s completely banned on Google. As from the latest update, there is a redirection method was applied to this keyword. Whenever you go to 123movies.is it will redirect you to gomovies.is. It’s a connected domain with 123movies.to.  

Is 123movies is an illegal website?

Yes, It’s an illegal website as per copyright law. Due to this portal film industry getting huge losses in earnings through Movies and paid streaming. And distributing the copied content without any consent of the owner is prohibited.

There are lots of proceedings under the law as the Piracy Act. 123movies.is spreading the original content in the copied version and this is against the law. That’s why this site is illegal and we advise you to don’t go for it.

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Is 123movies is safe to browse?

I said No, This pirated site is completely banned, and distributing and promoting the copied version of the content is against copyright law. You may be in trouble if you access and share the content through 123movies.. Your IP address will track and report by government authorities and proceedings will be undertaken against you as per copyright law.

How 123movies earn?

123movies earn through 3rd party network. As per the Google Adsense policy, they never allow ads on movie downloading sites. Due to this, 123movies have different alternatives. There is lots of third-party websites that allow you to place ads on this kind of movie downloading site. Many time this kind of site individually promote a single company or product on their website while placing banner or content over on their website and earning a huge amount to the same.

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Best Alternatives of 1223movies Website

Quality of content “good or Average”?

The quality of print over 123movies is very good. You can watch your favorite show in HD or any high-resolution categories as provided by the 123 movies. Audio quality is another very important thing and 123 movies also know the better as they provide you the good audio quality in the Movies, Web Series. You never will face any irritation while watching your favorite shows through the 123movies.is.

Types of Movies available?

There are lots of categories available on the 123 movies. There is a section in Hollywood Latest movies, Bollywood latest movies, latest Telugu movie Maharshi South Movie Hindi Dubbed Download 123movies latest web series or short movies. Also, you can select the desired language like English, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and a lot more.

Due to the availability of we categories functioning and content. This one is also a good reason to be famous in the movie downloading or streaming website on the internet.

The latest Movies and web series are available in 2022.

There are lots of latest movies and web series you can stream online and download the same. I will tell you the latest movies and web series like Mission Mangal full movies watch online 123 movies, article 15 123movies, scared games season 2 123movies, stranger things season 3 online 123movies, super 30 123movies, etc.


Is 123movies harmful to users?

First of all, we need to know what is piracy, in simple words distributing or promoting original content without the consent of the owner is illegal and this is called piracy. There are different laws and punishments under this law. Why do we have to not promote or use this kind of pirated movie website, this website provides you the free content in the copied version.

Due to this film industry facing huge financial losses. Because they make the movies and web series by spending huge money on making and promoting. And this kind of website gives you a free platform and the makers suffered from loss. Also, the theatre owner is not able to sell the tickets for the movies.

Because people can easily watch movies in their homes without paying money to the theatre owners or makers due to which thousands of careers and jobs are decreasing in the film industry. So I will never support Piracy.

I hope you like my article and we will update you regarding this kind of all information those who available from time to time. Thanks for being my reader. Have a good day!


We request you all to don’t try to get engaged with this kind of website. Stay out of this kind of illegal activity. Publishing and Distributing pirated content is a punishable Act as per the Copyright law of India. Letmethink.in is not promoting or supporting piracy. This article is only for educating you about piracy.

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