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5 best Android Apps that Blow your Mind| Best Android Apps|LetMethink.in

Best Android apps

Hi, guys today I am going to to share with you top 5 best Android Apps. That feel sure to help you to operate your phone easily. There are lots of Android apps available on the Google play store. but there are are some special Android apps those who downloaded buy users and rated highly.

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So we just started analyzing what are the best Android apps suit you perfect. So just let it started.

Google drive

This is the highly recommended Android app. It is an official Google app that will be fine in every smartphone on the Android-based platform. This is used to store yours in the cloud. However, it’s free to use after some uses of its storage you have to pay some amount for if you require more storage then offer. Its file hosting service and Google LLC who is the owner of this app. It’s launched in on April 24, 2012. Google Drive allows a user to store their photos videos chat messages or any other Android supported document.

It’s highly recommended by most tech experts due to its quality and reliability. It’s offer 15 GB of data storage. So there is a question of why it is is important for Android user for a smartphone. Many times we all use our mobile phone due to some technical for like bro broken mobile phone or have due to that our data is deleted for stolen. So there is the benefit if you have Google drive in your smartphone so you can store your data on the cloud and if your phone is broken or have you can easily retrieve your data by login in your mail. You can access your data anywhere. You just need a registered email ID those who new registered with Google drive for the first time.

best android apps


Google Maps

Google map is very we highly usable Android app across the globe. It’s owned by Google LLC and founded in October 2004. Google map is using for satellite imagery, 360 panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic and root planing. With the help of Google map, you can easily plan your route and navigate receive. Many of tour and traveling businesses using this Google map service since its launch. That also offers real-time traffic updates.

Due to that user can easily reach his is a destination without any hassle. It also offers public transport update on your Google map dashboard due to that you were able to book or confirm bus us and train timings. Biggest tour and travel company ola and uber using this Google map function to their business with a corporate partnership. Many times we found lots of bug in the same. And VC with within a couple of hours the bug has been fixed by the developer team of Google LLC. Show the quality and reliability is up to the mark. If you didn’t download the Google map app. So you are missing something special that could be good for you.

best android apps



Everyone knows about the WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the free messaging have that allow a user to send unlimited text images and video for audio files. I am very loving this app due to your one and the only reason it’s a free app with unlimited usage there are no restrictions of using any of this function.

If you want to do video calls,  text, sharing image’s to your family or a friend just you have to need to connect with the internet and your work will be done frequently by this app. Due to its popularity, WhatsApp downloaded million times. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Its initial release on January 2009.

best android apps


One weather app very uses a full app for the weather forecasting. It’s useful for anyone or weather forecaster. Its made for providing you the best essential info and death weather data. You can get real-time updates according to your location or you can and see any other location weather just simple tap away.

You can also show a view of the temperature of the location you required. This app also so gives facility e to share the forecasting data with your friends by social media. This app is recommended by the top tech websites. Its rating and reviews by the users are very good that shows the quality of this app.

best android apps


Evernote what is the software application. Which is allow a user to take notes for organizing task and archiving. It’s created by Evernote corporation based in the USA. Evernote founded by Stephen Pachikov in on June 24, 2008. After its initial release, it was reached 11 million users in just 3 years of gap. Evernote is made for help up to user access information whenever required.

You can easily organize your notes and share with anyone. It also helps you to make reminders for your activities and we write a to-do list. You can also plan your holiday’s parties and any activity in upcoming with the help Evernote. Evernote makes your life easier. Suppose that you don’t remember your girlfriend or wife birthday due to heavy stress that is normal in these days. So that will be a big problem but, if you have Evernote and you just organized a birthday date so Evernote will remind you of the birthday date accordingly. So this is a very useful app.

Hope you like my article. I always had a great time with you all. Keep Supporting. If any suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact.

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