Covid-19 | Latest Update | 9 Family Members Found Corona Positive in Panchkula, Haryana

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Sector 15, Panchkula – As epidemic of Covid-19 is spreading all across the globe and the cases reach more than 20 lakhs world wide. Due to which, most of countries extended the locked down period.

If we talked about India the cases of Corona Virus also be increased and mark 12k. Now, the locked down is also extended by the Indian Government but there is not impact has been seen to decreased the corona virus cases.

Now the  news comes out from Panchkula, Sector 15 of Haryana State, there has been a stir in the Health Department due to 7 new cases coming together. Here nine people belonging to the same family got corona infected.

Few days back a male patient of the family resident of Sector 15 Panchkula get the positive report of Covid-19. Afterwards, the report of seven family members also came positive on Thursday. All these people get the hospitalized and Sector 15 has been sealed.  

Entry inside and out of the sector has been completely banned by the administration. People coming in an emergency are being allowed to enter the sector only after scanning. After 7 more Corona positive cases came to light today, a total of 14 positive cases have been confirmed in Panchkula.

If we count total cases of Covid-19 is around 12k plus and death toll to around 414. In last 24 hrs total 37 deaths are reported. As No of medicine or vaccine has been identified to fight with Covid-19. There is only the way to stay @home. That’s why the Government of India extended the locked down for more 19 days till 3rd May.

The news is also coming out that after 20th April 2020, there is chance to some relief in locked down depends on the circumstances.

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Stay @ home, Please.

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