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Invest in a Brochure

A well-designed brochure is a wonderful marketing tool for any startup to have in its arsenal. A great way to introduce your company and share your knowledge and expertise with the world, writing and designing one of these invaluable assets can be done simply and cheaply or as extravagantly as you like. You just need to know where to start.

Here are our top nine reasons why every startup needs to invest in a well-written, beautifully designed brochure:

1. A Company brochure is memorable

As human beings, we rely on memory as a means of recording information so it can be stored for later use or time when we might need it again – such as recalling important contact details at a networking event, where we heard about an interesting new business, etc.

Even, if your brochure goes out to hundreds or thousands of people, you’ll want it to stick in their memories so that maybe they’ll choose to follow up on something they read there at some point in the future. In short, a great brochure has greater longevity and impact than an email blast ever will.

2. Digital brochures are highly shareable

A well-designed brochure is more likely to be shared with others who might be interested in what’s being sold. While a leaflet can be handed off to a colleague or friend for information purposes, a beautifully designed brochure is more likely to generate interest from the reader which could result in them sharing it online via social media channels or even sending it along via mail because of its visual impact.

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3. Good brochure design makes your startup look professional

It’s a fact that people are far more likely to trust businesses they feel are professional in their approach, which is why having some kind of printed materials on hand will help you to strengthen your startup’s image and gain the confidence of potential clients or investors.

The design of your brochure can convey so much about who you are and what you do, so invest in something great rather than something cheap and cheerful.

4. It allows for a longer copy

A well-designed brochure may only be 10 pages long, but it doesn’t mean that each page has to have just one line or sentence per layout. You can use this opportunity to let the reader know what makes your company or product unique and why they should consider you over the competition. Take advantage of this space to expand on your core message so it really hits home with readers.

Invest in a Brochure

5. A product brochure is a powerful way to introduce yourself

A well-written, beautifully designed brochure can be used as an implicit introduction of your company or business to anyone who might be interested in what you have to offer. Although we tend to think of these kinds of detailed introductions as mainly being for potential investors and new clients, there’s no reason why you can’t use them when trying to impress people like suppliers and partners too. They don’t call it ‘the first impression’ for nothing!

Invest in a Brochure

6. People will keep hold of it for years

Brochures aren’t like fliers that are destined for the bin as soon as they’re read. They’re more likely to be kept and filed away out of sight where they can resurface whenever an opportunity comes up, so it’s a good idea to update your design from time to time in order to let people know there’s been a change of management or that you’ve just launched a new model.

And if you have prospects who might not need what you offer at the moment but you would still like them to hear from you again – simply telling them how they can keep hold of your brochure will allow you to stay top-of-mind without being intrusive.

7. It shows off your company culture

A well-designed brochure is a great way to show the world what your company culture is like since it allows you to illustrate who you are and what makes your startup stand out against the competition. For example, if your business puts a lot of money into R&D then maybe this could be reflected in the design of your brochure by having some kind of technical illustration or graph that explains how many patents you’ve applied for (or received).

8. An online brochure saves time & resources

Sending out an email blast can take hours, which might seem like a quick way to tell everyone about something new – until you realize they probably won’t bother opening it because they already get dozens of emails every day.

And even if they do open it, there’s nothing stopping them from immediately hitting the ‘delete’ button. In comparison, a well-designed brochure stands a better chance of getting noticed and staying in people’s minds because it breaks through the noise of their inbox.

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9. You can use them as giveaways

There will inevitably be times when your startup needs some extra exposure and what better way than by giving potential clients something that’ll help you on your way? For example, you could give out branded USB sticks with some of your digital assets on them such as photos and videos of previous projects so they can get an even better idea of what you do.


If you are a start-up then reading the items related to  “9 Reasons Why Startups Need to Invest in a Brochure” above should convince you to invest in a brochure. Stop wasting time and get designing! You won’t regret it!

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