A 250 Year Old Tree Fell in The School in Sector 9 Chandigarh, 1 child died, or 13 children Serious Injured

Chandigarh School

Latest news from Chandigarh. A 250-year-old tree fell in a school in Chandigarh’s Sector. The report indicates that 13 kids were hurt in this incident, and one youngster died as a result of trees falling on him or her. The incident’s injured children have been checked into a nearby hospital. Carmel Convent School is given as the institution’s name.

The massive tree was estimated to be 250 years old and up to 70 feet tall. During lunch, a sizable group of kids were playing nearby. The tree suddenly crashed on the kids, killing one of them there and then before anyone could hear about the catastrophe.

According to sources, the injured kids were treated at the hospital in Sector 32 and PGI Chandigarh right away. The parents of the children arrived at the school and started making a scene at the school gate as soon as they learned about the disaster. Notably, beginning on July 1, the schools reopened following the summer break.

Tragic Accident Happened at School Lunch Time in Sector 9 of Chandigarh

When the tree collapsed on the grounds of Carmel Convent School in Sector 9, Chandigarh, lunchtime was in progress. It was lunchtime, so many schoolchildren congregated around the historic tree. The aforementioned tree, a Peepal, was roughly 250 years old and stood about 70 feet tall. After the event, the schoolchildren’s parents arrived at the building and violently protested against the school management.

Investigation of the Incident Site By The Police Department And Administrative Officer

As soon as they learned about the tree falling event at Carmel Convent School, members of the police department and other administrative authorities rushed to the scene. The official crew got involved in relief and rescue efforts right away. The agitated parents were also comforted by the aforementioned officials in addition to transporting the wounded schoolchildren safely to the closest hospital.

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