Amazon App Quiz Competitions- 6th January 2021| Get Chance to Win up to 10,000

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Today Amazon is running a quiz competition on you. If you are also keen on these competitions, then you too can take hope in these competitions. But this competition will be on this day only, meaning 6 January 2021. In this, you will have to answer only 5 questions. You give the correct response to these presses. So you can get a reward of up to 10,000.

About Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a service through which you can do any of your payments online. Through this, you can do your entire task very easily. Like online bills, online shopping can do many such things. For this, you can easily do this by linking your bank account to Amazon Pay.

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What is Amazon Quiz?

This quiz competition is held for one day every year on Amazon. In this quiz, you only have to answer 5 questions correctly, and after that you can win up to 10000 reward. And you get 4 choices in all these questions. From which you have to choose the right option. After this, after entering the quiz competition, you enter the lucky draw. After this, the winner will be selected in the lucky draw.

History – Amazon Pay Launch in India

The Amazon Company started Amazon Pay in 2018. This was the EMI rebrand of Amazon Pay for Amazon Company. With which the American e-commerce company launched this AAP in September 2018, back in the country.

Best Alternative of Amazon pay -2021

In India, you will find many alternatives to Amazon Pay.

  • Google pay
  • Bharat pay
  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • Pay pal
  • Phone pay

Today  Amazon App Quiz  Questions – 6 January

1) Aadi Mahotsav is an annual national festival celebrating what in India?

Answer. Tribes of India.

2) Operation Gideon was a failed attempt made by military company Silvercorp USA to remove the President of which of these countries?

Answer. Venezuela.

3) Regarded as the longest-running disease awareness initiative of its kind, what day is celebrated every year on December 1?

Answer. World AIDS day.

4) Who is the “Jump Man” in these famous shoes?

Answer. Michael Jordan.

5) Name the plant-based dye associated with positive spirits and good luck in India Culture?

Answer. Henna

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