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iphone se

iphone SE – As Covid-19 impact on World due to which, global economy is very getting down. Meanwhile the apple company has announced its upcoming iphone product.

Yes, Apple company was released it its upcoming Iphone SE varrient last week. Apple announced this product launch a months ago and it scheduled as their planning. But there is no launch event has been announced by the Apple due to Covid-19.

The tech world is getting huge loss and getting down as no product launch and event carry by the tech companies. As various companies planned their product launched and events scheduled for April 2020. But due to Covid-19. All these lunches and events stuck.

As Apple launch a new upgraded version of the apple iphone SE, so people is little bit excited about it and get finding relevant information about the same. Apple also released its video on YouTube.

You can check the same by clicking on the link mentioned below or visit Youtube for more information.

 Video iphone SE

This version is the special edition as iphone SE  cost you around in Indian Rupee –  If we talked about the design of phone, It will upgraded to very sharp and slim design. It looks more unique and attractive.

It has 4.7 inches sharp 4k Screen. It has a touch ID, gives you the fastest login to your phone. The phone has one single camera having 12 Mega Pixel lenses, gives you the quality images and 7 Megapixel front camera for Selfie.

You can also get a Bionic Chip Processor A13, as this processor is latest version of previous processor and have more power and better performance as claimed by Apple.

if you love to play the online games. The same chip has been used by the upper versions models of iphone and have great feed backs from users. But most important is Battery life, most user want long lasting mobile battery and apple always know better this.

That’s why apple provide the fast charging support to this SE version. It support 18 watt of fast charging.

Now you are thinking where to buy this upgraded version of iphone SE. So don’t worry apple announced it delivery to customer by 24 April, 2020. But sorry to say apple not announced it availability in India due Covid-19.

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