Apple Watch 7 Launch, Apple Watch 7 Sale Starts on Amazon, $70 Off on Apple Watch

Apple Watch 7

Amazon’s Apple Watch 7 deals for Prime Day are officially over, but the retailer is still offering a $79 discount for the GPS, 45mm version of the Apple Watch Series 7, which brings its price down to $350 from its sticker price of $429. If you missed the chance to buy the smartwatch from Amazon’s annual shopping event, don’t worry because the opportunity is still here — you just have to hurry because the deal may get taken down at any time.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is typically at the top of people’s lists when they search for smartwatch bargains. With its strong emphasis on fitness and health features, it is the top pick among Digital Trends’ finest smartwatches. The wearable gadget can capture ECG readings, test blood oxygen levels, and send out emergency alarms if you don’t get up after a serious fall. It can also identify any anomalies in your heart rate. Your daily activity will be displayed on Apple’s Activity Rings, which will encourage you to achieve your objectives. Additionally, the wristwatch will automatically monitor your workouts and sleep, displaying the information on the Health app. (Read more:- Sindhu, Saina Reach Quarterfinals At Singapore Badminton Open League)

Up to $70 off on Apple Watch 7 on Amazon

The price of the Apple Watch Series 7 has been reduced by $80, bringing the 45mm GPS model down to $488.99 and the 41mm GPS model down to $448.99. It appears like Costco is offering the Series 7 for $1 less than certain other approved Apple merchants, including The Source, who are also selling the device. Regarding Apple Watch SE, the 40mm size is discounted by $70 to $294.99, while the 44mm version is likewise discounted by $70 to $329.99.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is still on sale at Costco, with the 44mm GPS model going for $399.97 and the 40mm at $369.97. When you purchase an Apple Watch from Costco, you benefit from a good return policy that lasts longer than the customary 14 days offered by other retailers. (Read more:- NAM vs NEP)

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