Apple Will Set Deadline For iOS 16 Unsending iMessages!

Users of Apple iOS 16 will only be able to change their iMessage five times before the option is removed from the long-press menu. The business gave users 15 minutes to cancel a message in the prior iOS 16 updates. The time restriction has been severely cut to two minutes with the most recent update. The message can still be changed for another 15 minutes. And both the sender and the recipient of the iMessage will be able to see it.

This implies that any adjustments you make will be visible to the person you are texting, the report added late on Wednesday. The changed text at the bottom of the edit message will allow you to review the history of edits; all edits will be shown above the most recent one.

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Why Apple Lowered The Deadline For iOS 16 Unsending iMessages

The message can still be changed for another 15 minutes. According to 9to5Mac, each modification will also be recorded and made available to the sender and recipient of the iMessage. According to the article published late on Wednesday, “this means the person you’re contacting will be able to see any adjustments you’ve made.” By touching on the text that says “edited” just below the edit notice, you may edit. will have access to the history, and all modifications will be listed above the most recent.

Users will now be able to modify and send iMessages thanks to enhancements included in iOS 16 beta 4. Other new features in iOS 16 include an Apple Pay Later payment plan and a revamped lock screen with widget support and more customization options. With the new Live Activity feature, users can monitor real-time events like sports games, workouts, ride-sharing requests, or food delivery orders straight from the lock screen.

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