Ban Garena Free Fire and BGMI Games in India. ADJ Naresh Kumar Wrote a Letter to the Indian PM to Ban These Esports Games

Last week, an MP in Nepal encouraged the public authority to boycott internet games like PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire in the country. Another report proposes that now ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to boycott games like “PUBG India” (BGMI) and Garena Free Fire in India.

Why ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka wrote a letter to PM Modi

ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka has demanded a ban on Free Fire and BGMI India. That’s what they say. That India is having a very bad effect on the children. ADJ Naresh Kumar says that children have become very addicted to this game. He has written in his letter that Garena Free Fire and BGMI Games should be banned in India as soon as possible. ADJ has written in his letter that because of these games, many children have taken a big step like suicide. And many children have also lost their lives.

Is it true that Garena Free Fire and BGMI games are being banned in India?

This news is coming from our sources. According to a report by ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka, in a letter to the Indian Prime Minister, he has prayed for Garena Free Fire and BGMI Games to be made in India. In which it is mentioned. How wrong this game is affecting children.

 Due to these games, a lot of money has been spent on these games. And many of them left are very much half of them. In the past, many complaints of many parents have been registered with these games. Due to these games, many children spend a lot of their time on these games. Due to which children are getting away from their studies and writing.

Is it true that Garena Free Fire will be banned in India?

At present this has not been disclosed. But the letter written by ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka will be looked into very soon. And some solution will be found for this worrying issue. But it is not yet mature that Free Fire and BGMI games will be banned in India.

PUBG Mobile was first banned in India for this reason. But according to the guidelines of the Government of India, this game has been launched again in India under the name of PUBG Mobile as Battle Grounds Mobile India.


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