Ban on Plastic Bags, Use Paper Bags Instead of Polythene

Paper Bag

Previously, individuals would use paper bags to travel from their homes to the marketplace, but nowadays, polythene bags are utilised in their place. On Tuesday, the world recognised World Paper Bag Day, which calls for action from all parties to reduce plastic waste. You must inspire people to use paper bags in addition to yourself.

The authorities, management, and municipalities ran public awareness campaigns in the localities encouraging people not to use single-use plastic. Now that the campaign is over, the municipality will begin its inspection operation this week. There will be a penalty for adding polythene to it. in order to discourage the use of plastic.

Plastic was exclusively produced in the regions close to Gorakhpur. Following the ban on single-use plastic in the market, bags and bags are increasingly coming from Delhi and Ghaziabad. Paper bags don’t cost a lot of money. Depending on the weight, a piece costs between Rs 7 and Rs 20.

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Why is Plastic Harmful To Us?

Plastic debris creates unhygienic conditions in public areas as it serves as a haven for insects and mosquitoes that spread diseases like malaria and dengue. For this reason plastic has been banned. And it is being advised to use paper bags instead of plastic.

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Malls And Corporate Showrooms Sell Paper Bags

Customers who buy in the showrooms and malls of major corporations in the city are handed their purchases in paper bags. They are not included in the customer’s cost. In city stores, it is seldom ever seen. Polythene is used to transport the items if the clients who purchase the goods do not bring bags with them.

Successful public awareness program against single-use plastics. A checking operation will shortly be carried out in the city. Anyone using single-use plastic throughout the campaign will be fined. urged everyone to avoid using single-use plastic.

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