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Best Android Games 2020 – Hey what’s up guys, in this article, I trying to share information about with you the best android games. Those who surely be your best time pass idol. I hope that you guys are having a wonderful 2020 and today I have with me 20 awesome best android games to start off 2020.

So with any further delay let’s get this started so.

PUBG – Best Android Games 

We have PubG in the position of first – 1 as Best Android Games of the year. I am pretty sure you’re familiar with this game and because it’s pretty popular. But for the people who don’t know what this game is about it’s a battle royal type game that pits you against 99 other players in a heart-pounding survival scenario.

Where you’ll need to scavenge for loot explores the map and stay in safe zones. While taking out your competition. This is the most playable game online and due to which. This Mobile game is making its position in No.1. 

best android games

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Asphalt 9 – 2 –Best Android Games

Next Up, we have Asphalt 9 legends this time as fault line focuses squarely on racing the objective is to win each season of races. Thankfully you won’t be aiming for pole position in every event you’ll be tasked with escaping from the cops. This is also the all-time Best Android Games.

To bidding the clock for the best timing or completing stunts. There is enough variety to keep you going last felt. Asphalt 9 does a fantastic job of making you feel you’re making tangible progress with every session.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion: Adventure RPG – 3 – Best Android Games

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion there is a lot to do in the game. A storyline is full of missions where you take down a Spanish Templar leader’s daily challenges and plenty of free chances to add more heroes to your roster.

And you can also pay for some heroes. If you like to speed things along. It makes its position from the last many years in the top 5 as Best Android Games.

Verne: The Himalayas – 4

First up we have Verne: The Himalayas this is an adventure and mystery experience set in the Himalay a wilderness hidden from the eyes of the common folks you peek into the Extra Ordinary world.

Where the reality folklore and magic come together with the visuals in this game is simply outstanding with a low poly style and the music fits perfectly with the visuals.

Alto’s Odyssey – 5

Altos Odyssey trades in the bright snowy and colorful palette of the first Best Android Games for a much warmer darker environment. The desert while stunningly gorgeous feels harsher and less forgiving than the slopes Altos used to.

And the new landscape provides a plethora of new challenges for players to discover. If you liked Altos adventure then downloading Altos Odyssey is a no brainer.

You are getting everything you loved about the first game in a more robust and polished package.

Luca: The Dreamer – 6

Next up we have look at Luca the dreamer. This is the revolves around Luca and old worn-out ball who knows very little about the world he then embarks on a journey to reach the most famous footballers in the world in the most important football event of the year.

Now, he has to overcome all obstacles in his path and solve puzzles to reach his goal and travel from country to country this game makes a perfect combination of puzzle and platformer genres and the visuals are very cute and the controls are also amazing and you may also like as this game is the one of the Best Android Games.

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Turn Undead 2: Monster Hunter – 7

We have Monster Hunter 2 – this is a part platformer part turn-based strategy and part puzzle Best Android Games. But here’s the fun part the game’s time only flows. When you move so you’ll have to move your character with the swipe of your finger.

Swipe up to jump, I don’t have the opportunity to move left-right or shoot. And then promptly fall, while time flows until you hit a floor. And in the way, you’ll have to kill vampires with wooden sticks.

The Sims™ Mobile – 8

Simms is a simulator game will you become an avatar and live your daily life although. This game is very popular on PC Android and Best Android Games as finally got it. And it is good and if you’ve got time to spare you are just killing time. This is the perfect game to play.

Man or Vampire – 9 

Man or Vampire there is no doubt that man or vampire is a gorgeous-looking game the art design of this strategy RPG is unmatched on Android. And the gameplay is also amazing and easy to get used to. That’ why it makes its fix seat in the list of Best Android Games.

It’s also free to play and the strategies used to clear this game is good. So, if you dig gorgeous graphics and strategy gameplay you may want to give this a try.

Faraway: Puzzle Escape -10

We have far away for Faraway: Puzzle Escape game is one of the better escape room series on the Playstore. And far away for incheone scapes takes players to an all-new environment.

best android games

That is broken up into 20 all-new levels and you can expect to find plenty of challenging puzzles. The overarching story still has to do with your father and many pages of his missing journal.

So there is nothing much new here but luckily the gameplay graphics and music are great and become Best Android Games.

Life is Strange – 11

Life is strange was a resounding success one of the top hundred best selling games on Steam in 2016. And it is finally out on the Play Store the game centers around max a high school student.

best android games

Who just recently moved back to her hometown of Arcadia Bay. When she sees a girl gets shot by a fellow student mesh discovers. That she can rewind time allowing her to change.

What happened and saved the girl Max’s former best friend Chloe. You can find out all about them in your textbook. Or even online don’t forget the deadline to submit a photo in the everyday heroes contest.

Cat Bird – 12

Cat Bird is that a cat is that, a bird it’s a cat bird in. This game you control a weird but cute animal called cat bird. It’s got a face of a cat but it has wings and can fly but it cannot stay in the air for long so.

best android games

You will need to guide it to safety clearing the obstacles in the path. The objective is simple but the obstacles are fairly hard. So you guys will have a great time playing this Best Android Games.

Oddman -13

Odd Man is an odd game you’ll have to fight your opponent’s on the arena. Whose landscape changes every time. The fights are very short and Swift and the objective here is you control your character.

best android games

You just have to push your opponent’s back into the water and you can control your characters with simple swipes. This is very easy to do and I am fully confident that you like this in the list of Best Android Games.

Slynt – 14

Slynt is a gorgeous point-and-click adventure game and its Best Android Games all time. Where you are tasked with solving environmental puzzles. It shows a lot of promise though, it can be tough to figure out what you do when. There is no text to the game there is absolutely no hand-holding here.

Which may turn off more than a few people. There’s also no story to be found means, it’s up to you to create your own fun. But that’s the best part you’ll have to explore your way out of this game.

Badland Brawl – 15

Badland brawl -If you are familiar with mobile moombas. You would know that battles take place in flat plains. There will be options to move up and down but for the most part, everything is in a straight line.

best android games

The same concept is there in battle and brawl but it throws a new idea into the mix. The units you send out to battle are set on a catapult and you can throw the min the air and get them to land exactly where you wanted to be. It’s a unique concept but it plays out great and one of the Best Android Games.

Old School RuneScape -16

We have an Old School Runescape, Run Escape was originally released all the way back in 2001. When the gaming world was still figuring out what an MMORPG actually was and this plays like many others.

best android games

MMORPGs because it was one of the bricks in the foundation of the entire industry old school runescape is absolutely phenomenal. It’s really easy to hop into and do a few tasks to get some scallops and jump right out.

The game also controls reasonably well all I have to say is all you MMORPG fans cannot miss out on this Best Android Games.

PAKO 2 – 17

Paco Game is the car driving Best Android Games. The controls are very simple your car drives forward automatically you press the left side of the screen. To turn left and press the right side to turn right. If you press both of them you will come to a stop and start reversing.

best android games

And the go on inside your vehicle fires automatically at the host of police cars that are chasing you. If you take too much damage then you will explode and finally, your cash total is totaled up and then you will jump back for another run.

Pocket Build – Ultimate sandbox building -18

Pocket Build is a world builder, that lets you add buildings and landscapes without the usual constraints of scores goals or dangerous beasts. Pocket Build is more than just a city builder.

Though it’s a fantasy sandbox Best Android Games, where really the only limit is your imagination.

Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem – Action RPG -19

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem – This is an action RPG that lets players collect teams of characters from classic cartoons. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses along with some hilarious fighting abilities.

best android games

You may see it as a time-waster but once you dive into the title more you will soon realize. How much fun it really is Best Android Games.

Brawl Stars -20

Brawl Star is a team-based top-down shooter game. At heart mixed in with the sort of progression and loot boxes you’ve come to love or hate from both clash games. Brawl Star’s action is immediately accessible. It’s real-time PvP doesn’t intimidate and the style and charm are through the roof well.

best android games


So this is the article about the Top 20 Best Android Games of 2020. Please note that this list not meant to be a ranking. Keep explore and share my portal

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