Best Family SUVs to Buy In 2022 |

Best Family SUVs

The affordability of vehicles is always a top concern for consumers, especially when considering a family vehicle. Today it’s common for families to search for affordable options that don’t skimp on size or value. And that is why SUVs are becoming popular because they are more affordable and larger. GAC MOTOR has great options. They don’t forgo style, yet their cars are solid, strong, and sturdy. Whether flashy or not, the All New GS8 and GS3 POWER from GAC MOTOR discussed below, will make a perfect fit for an SUV.

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The GAC MOTOR GS3 POWER is distinguished by a 3.0 grille, halogen headlights, and fog lamps. It rolls on 17″ and 18″tires. And through folding side mirrors, the shark tail antenna wraps around the backside. Finally, it has two exhausts. The body dimensions start at 435cm in length, stretching to a width of 182.5cm, going to 168.5cm high. Lastly, a 256cm wheelbase characterizes its simplicity.

On the inside of the 1.392-ton SUV is a leatherette-trimmed steering wheel with five ergonomic fabric or leatherette-trimmed seats. The front seat may be heated. The interior environment is breathable with automatic air conditioning, which complements the negative ion air purifier.

It has a 3.5-inch Multi-Information Screen, a 10.25-inch SmartScreen, Car play, and Bluetooth functionality. The GAC MOTOR GS3 POWER SUV has provided comfort and safety in every situation.

The GS3 power features a 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine that produces 125 hp and 265 nm of torque. It includes airbags on the frontal seats and flanks to supplement the pre-tensioners for safety. The lane change and front crash alarm functions help to make the GS3 POWER even safer, while the dynamic cruise control technology ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

All New GS8

best suvs to buy

If you are looking for a four-wheel drive SUV, don’t miss out on the All New GS8. It’s normally distinguished by a powerful wing grille design, LED headlamps, and 20-inch tires. Its dimensions are 1950mm wide and 1780 mm height, exposing a length of4980mm and 2920 mm wheelbase. 

The 14.6-inch touchscreen management panel and a 10.1-in. Touch Screen Display highlights the avant-garde cabin. Its car play and 6 Herman speakers add to the luxury, while a power station for wireless charging is fitted in the middle row. All seven seats are leatherette trimmed and have reclining features.

The All New GS8 is powered by two-liter mega wave engines capable of an eight-speed gearbox, 4000 rpm, and 251 horsepower. This SUV can drive over pools and stones since a Borg Warner four-wheel mobility powers it.

All New GS8 is equipped with adaptive cruise control for improved safety while on the road. The safety features are completed with airbags, a front collision alert, a hydraulic braking system, and a forward crash alert.


So, there you have it. GAC MOTOR is constantly changing its cars in response to new technological advances. The GS3 POWER and All New GS8 are the current models generating a lot of buzz in the market because they offer superior comfort and efficiency while consuming less fuel. So, if you’re looking for an SUV, you should consider these models from GAC MOTOR. 

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