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Today, I am going to tell you about the online best money making apps that you can download literally today and make money using apps with the help your phone. Now I’ve done the research for you so you know that none of these apps are scams and these are real money making apps. These apps are free money apps and you can earn the money on mobile app easily.


I did all the research; I looked at all the reviews every single one of these apps actually works. Many people have been asking, how to make money off an app, Which are the best money making app. So, I do all the research for you and found the five best apps that pay cash to you.

Make Money is Easy on the internet today

You can literally start to make money using apps as mentioned below. With the help of these apps you can make money on Internet. Some are quick cash app as well or some belong to an affiliate. Using these apps to get money faster and easier.

Make free cash and these apps that give you free money but this is pretty much as close. As it gets so without further delay let’s count down from the number One app.


Google Opinion Rewards App

Google opinion rewards app and as you can see the Google opinion rewards app has over a million close to a five-star review. And you know that anything developed by Google is going to be one of legit money making apps.

Google opinion rewards was initially as a survey mobile app for Android. It’s very reliable free money apps for android and iOS developed by Google. The app allows users to answer surveys and earn rewards on Android and on iOS.

It allows users to answer surveys and actually good apps that pay you cash directly to their PayPal and not many people actually know that Google has a rewards program.

Where you can go ahead and download this free app answer a few basic questions and you can get paid for voicing your opinions. Because the thing is your opinion and your feedback is incredibly valuable to Google. Google like many large companies is willing to pay you for it to improve its user experience and to improve its products.

Folk App

Folk App, that’s kind of a ridiculous name but these kinds of apps to make money are actually really cool. What the folk app allows you to do is upload pictures from your smartphone and make money through apps. Because there are thousands of companies from all around the world. They constantly need royalty-free pictures of their products.

Or services right and most companies don’t want to go and hire full-time photographers and video graphers. To actually take photographs of all of their products out in the world. When they can do what’s called crowdsourcing and what crowdsourcing essentially means is it gives companies the opportunity to buy awesome images of their actual products or services.

That is taken by everyday people like you and so if you’re taking photos with your smartphone. Every day you might as well start to get paid for those photos that you’re taking and if a company likes.

Earn More with FolkApp

The company will actually, buy it from you now most photos on foap sell for around $10 and folk gives you a 50% Commission. Which is actually very generous. Because they did all of the work to create the marketplace and to popularize the app and attract companies. That are willing to pay, you so if you make 50% Commission’s on a $10 sale.

If a company likes the photo, that you upload they took you to know potentially 10 to 30 seconds. To actually set up a product take a cool picture maybe you’re on vacation in a beautiful place. And you have a PEPSI cain with you and you decide to take a picture you take 30 seconds to upload it to your folk profile. Sell it for $10 if Pepsi was interested in buying it.

And you would make $5 every single time one of your images is bought and like anything you’ll get better at doing. This may be when you’re first starting you’re not going to take the best pictures.

But if you already like photography are you already like taking pictures with your phone this is a great way to start earning apps. Some side income again just using your phone number.


Dosh App

Dosh recently raised 44 million dollars in investor money. Because they’re obviously doing something, that people are interested in and something. That’s making them money but more importantly making humans.

How dosh works ? is we can make money from Dosh and how to get cashback to spend money. As we all already be spending at restaurants and hotels and literally. Thousands of companies and providers, that dodge has partnered with.

But even more, so than just win real money apps by cashback to go and eat at your favorite restaurants or go to your favorite hotels you can also make money with dosh using their affiliate program.

Every time, that you actually sign up and add a new payment method to your own earning app you actually get a $1 signup fee and you can also get a $5 referral fee or signing other people up to the dosh app.

So maybe you have a following on social media maybe you could post about it on your own Facebook or Instagram talking about what dosh is to get people to actually sign up through your own link or you can just download the app hook up one of your payment methods.

Just use the app to earn free cashback going to your favorite restaurants or hotels and the cool thing is dosh is growing very quickly. This means that you know that they’re going to be constantly adding new companies new features new ways to earn more cash.

This means the sooner that you sign up the better you’ll get at it and the more cashback referral fees and signup bonuses. You could potentially earn and the number one way to make money with no pre-existing skills and no money to get started using just from your cell phone.


This one of is the one of the best apps that give you money. Just using your phone is called TaskRabbit. Now TaskRabbit is an American online and mobile marketplace. That matches freelance labor with local demand allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks. Like cleaning moving or delivery work and the cool thing about TaskRabbit is you don’t need any pre-existing skills to help someone. This is one of the best apps to make money fast.

Move a few moving boxes or to clean something and TaskRabbit employees can make a significant wage. If you’re capable of actually picking up a box and moving it or you’re capable of cleaning things or you actually enjoy doing that type of stuff you can earn $40 or even $50 dollars an hour to do very basic tag and you can do it.

Field Agent

Field agent describes themselves, as an app that focuses on finding opportunities for everyday people like you to make money essentially. How field agent works is they deploy shoppers all over the United States and around the world and share their opinions.

And most importantly get paid to do so this app is available completely for free to download and once you do download it you’ll see a map and it’ll show you when jobs are nearby and obviously in bigger cities.

There’s going to be more jobs and more potential to actually earn money but as long as your city isn’t too small there should be some jobs. That you can go ahead and do and some of these tasks definitely can appear very random.

Some tasks will ask you to go into a restaurant and take a picture of a piece of food or a can of Coffee or something like that. And the reason that companies are actually willing to pay. That is they want to see how their actual product or service is being displayed in these.

You know grocery stores or retail chains or outlets and with each job paying between 3 and 12 dollars and generally taking about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. That means that you’re roughly earning about $20 just to use the field agent app.

To take random pictures and to go into stores and perform random tasks so if you have some free time on your hands and want to earn $20 per hour to go random places in the city and take photos of random cans of soup then the field agent app.


Ebates enables you to earn cashback. When you make purchases on some of their partner sites on top of this the site might also list some current coupon codes and other offers. You can use to further save money. So how does it all work let’s take a look at the things you need to know about getting started with Ebates the first, you should know about eBay is how to claim your $10 welcome reward.

That you can score a $10 bonus as a new member. However, you will need to do a couple of things before this bonus can be yours. First, you’ll want to select which bonus you would like a $10 Walmart gift card or just $10 reply to your Ebates balance.

After that, you’ll need to spend at least $25 in qualifying purchases using Ebates within your first 90 days of joining. Once this is completed your $10 bonus will be applied speaking of bonuses Ebates also allows you to invite friends and family to the service and earn rewards for doing so.



This little app called shop kick and you may be familiar with it you may not be familiar with it maybe you’ve never heard of it. But basically what shop kick does it’s like a rewards program. So to speak, where you get points for going into stores and scanning items in stores and buying items with when your card is attached to your account and you get points you can redeem them from gift cards.

How its work?

Making money with Shopkick is easy. You download the app, then engage in one of eight activities. Walk into the store, no purchase necessary. (yes, it’s just that easy), scan barcodes of select products.

Purchase items at an eligible store with your Shopkick-linked card. Purchase items and submit your receipt. Visit online stores or view online products, make an online purchase with a Shopkick partner.

Ibotta App

Make money just by going shopping today is easy with some apps. That gives us the opportunity to earn while shopping. Yes, I am talking about ibotta app and it lets you earn cashback on your purchases. Especially, at the grocery store and even for items that you already have coupons for following.

Step 1

Choose the store different stores. To have different offers, so you’ll want to check everywhere. You shop Walmart Kroger Aldi and hundreds more they’re all on ibotta.

Step 2

Select your deals before you go shopping. Just click on an item to see details and add them to your list. When you add an offer you may have to watch a video or answer a question this only takes a few seconds. Most ibadah offers are for specific brands. But products in any item category, that you are in cashback on your preferred brand even a generic.

Step 3

Go shopping at the store review your deals under my offers tab when you click on an offer double-check the details and scan the product barcode to make sure that you have the correct item always ask for a receipt at checkout you’ll need it.

Step 4

Redeem offers by taking a photo of your receipt from the ibotta app some stores let you connect a loyalty card and don’t require that you submit a printed receipt ibotta matches your offers and awards you the cash.

Step 5

You can cash out via PayPal venmo or a gift card. once you’ve earned twenty dollars in the app. But there are more ways to earn cashback from ibadah bonuses. Let you earn additional money if you redeem deals in a certain group. You can also earn bonuses through teamwork build your team by sharing your referral code with friends. Family when they earn it helps you earn bonus cash.

Sweat Coin

Sweat coin is the app where you can earn cryptocurrency while walking, basically, get paid in cryptocurrency for walking and you can literally make cryptocurrency from exercising and walking. you guys. Anyway, you might as well download this app. Because they’ll pay you in cryptocurrency. You can use the cryptocurrency to buy things on the app.

How to use It?

You don’t need to invest anything. You just need to download the app. And when you download the app. It works super cool check this out right now yes let’s go over to the sweat coin app. So now, today I haven’t earned any sweat coin.

you can earn up to 20 sweat corn a day. And you can earn up to $600 in sweat corn a month. Now I will explain to you guys, how this how about how this breakdown works. So basically, if you sign up for this program they’re gonna charge 30 sweat corn every month. They’re gonna take this out of your sweat coin balance.

So if you’re very very active and you’re outside. Like you know every day and you’re exercising and you’re doing stuff like that. You might want to be on this one. Because you can earn more money per day from exercising and running and jogging and other stuff.

They’re just only gonna take out 20 sweat coins from your account. You can earn up to ten dollars in sweat corn a day.


I tried to make more useful stuff. That helps you to earn through these apps where you can easily make money through these apps. The above-mentioned apps are free money apps, that actually help to earn online.


Hope you like my article. Do share and explore on my portal. Thanks for being part of my website. Just follow my website for more information related to the latest things over the internet.

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