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best wordpress ssl plugin

Best WordPress SSL plugin needs of every website. As we all know, Google gives you the ranking on some factors and secure with SSL is one of the most required factors for ranking. If you want to increase your site ranking in the search engine you just have to properly install SSL certificates on your Blog or Website.

Many times we heard that SSL certificate properly not installed on WordPress Website due to some technical problems or blogger or website owners facing problems in redirection from HTTP to HTTPs. Due to which, a ranking of a blog or website will just get into the shape of dreams.  We recommend.

Best WordPress SSL Plugin For You

If you have a WordPress based Website. So you will not get any problem in redirection to HTTP to HTTPS. Because WordPress offers you the Best WordPress SSL Plugin for free. In WordPress platform, you can get a variety of Best WordPress SSL Plugin for free. After getting this best WordPress plugin, you will able to redirect your HTTP to HTTPS very easily. That easy to find and easy to install in just one click.

But many of our readers, ask many times what is SSL and why it is important? So, SSL Certificates are a bunch of tiny data that combined a cryptographic key digitally to the details of a company. It stimulates the padlock and https protocol when uploaded on a web server and enables secure information from a web server to a browser. If want to rank in Google. You have to first enable SSL certificate on your website.

So let’s Begin the Overview of Best WordPress SSL Plugin August 2019.

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Best WordPress Plugins 2019

  1. Easy HTTP Redirections

Its free source of SSL Certification for your WordPress website. This useful plugin made by the  TIPS & TIPS HQ. Its is very easy to install a plugin. That helps visitor to automatically redirect on to HTTPS from HTTP. This is also to inform you that search engine indexing your HTTPS version of the website.

Features of the Plugin

  • Its force to download the static files to redirect from http to https URL.
  • Its automatically works, you don’t need to make extra settings.
  • It will add some extra pages of your website for redirections.

Using Requirement for this Plugin

You just need an SSL Certificate installed on your blog or website.

How to Install

Go to Plugin, then click on Add New Plug-in, After the click, you will get a screen of all open-source plugin. Left side corner you can see the search block. Where you can enter the name of plugin “Easy HTTP redirections”.

Please note before installing the above-mentioned plugin. You have an SSL Certificate first. Without an SSL certificate, that will not able to work.

Below is the Shortcut for your reference, Check it

After successfully installed you have to activate the plugin by clicking the activate TAB.

Go to Settings menu you can see the option of “https redirection”. You can easily enable two option from the above-said settings.

  1. Force resource to use HTTPS URL
  2. Enable automatic redirection to the HTTPS.
  1. One Click Installation

Once click Installation is one of the best plugin that helps your website get the redirection from http to https. This plugin is also an open-source plugin. This also helps you in mix content issues as well. I mean that’s the great feature of this. That available on the official website of developers and you can directly download the same from plugin section of your WordPress dashboard. Overall rating of the plugin is good. The user star rating is 5/5. This plugin has lifetime installation is more than 20,000 above.


Features of the Plugin

  • It will Check your SSL is supported on hosting or server
  • One Single click installation
  • All HTTP url’s will be redirected to HTTPS url’s
  • It will also convert all images scripts style sheet, etc into https://on pages

How to Install

Go to Plugin, then click on Add New Plug-in, After the click, you will get a screen of all open-source plugin. Left side corner you can see the search box. Where you just put the name of plugin “One Click SSL”.

After clicking the installation. Downloading will start and afterward, you can activate the same.

How to setup One Click SSL

  • Go to Settings
  • Find the One Click SSL Tab and click for entering in the Plugin main setting i.e Install Tab.
  • Then – Click Install Tab and Just enable the SSL.

(Note – Be sure that SSL certificate is available on your website.)


  1. WC SSL Seal

WC SSL Seal a WOO Commerce SSL plugin. If you have an eCommerce website and payment gateway and you are making online payment through Debit Card / Credit Card or UPI. So this plugin is for you. Because this plugin is responsive according to the e-commerce sites and well secured as compared to other plugins. Because everyone is more aware of the online transaction of the payment. So payment gateway security is also noticed by the customers. Customers can easily see the SSL certificates bottom of the pages or in the checkout page. Overall rating of the plugin is below average. Because this plugin is not very popular currently. But this plugin is able to give you the best work as the development team committed.

Best WordPress SSL plugin

Features of the Plugin

  • Default images show in SSL
  • Display all your customer images
  • Secure Seal SSL activate as Embed

How to Install

Go to Plugin, then click on Add New Plug-in, After click you will get the screen of all open-source plugin. Left side corner you can see the search box. Where you just put the name of plugin “WC SSL Seal”. After done the installation. Downloading will start and afterward, you can activate the same by clicking the activate tab.

How to setup One Click SSL

  • Go to Settings
  • Find the WC SSL Seal Tab and click for entering in the Plugin main setting.
  • First, select your desired domain name. This Plugin will pick your domain name automatically.
  • Just install your SSL custom image in SSL Custom image section.
  • After Installing SSL custom image, just go for last section i.e SSL embed code.
  • Then – Click on to Save Changes. Done

(Note – Be sure that SSL certificate is available on your website.)


  1. SSL Secure for WO Commerce

This is another WoCommerece Plugin that specially built for the e-commerce website. WoComerece Plugin of SSL is more reliable than any other SSL Plugins.  That’s are specially built for the WO Commerce website to secure the payment gateway structures.

It will add the secure seal badge on the website. That also makes the trust of customers in terms of using a payment gateway. If a customer knows that site is 100% secure with SSL, Its make a positive impact and help in increasing online sales. Its open-source plugin that easily you can download from their official website or WordPress plugin store. Due to some reason, this is no longer compatible with the latest version of WordPress. So please, before downloading the same. Check and confirmed. We try to update you on the same. After Confirmation.

best wordpress ssl plugin

Features of the Plugin

  • Install your seal images to your site.
  • Embed code directly into your website with sealed SSL certificate.
  • You can easily choose a particular page for showing the secure seal badge.
  • We don’t suggest you to downloading the same due to it will no longer compatible with the latest version of WordPress.


  • Install & activate the plugin.
  • Enable SSL in just Single Click.


  1. JSM’s Force SSL

As the name is defining itself, what it will do for us. Ha Ha. Just Kidding. This plugin is one of the Best WordPress SSL Plugin and very simple as much if you compare to others. They also committed this plugin is fast and reliable in term of trust and quality. You just simply activate the plugin and its ready to work. They claimed this plugin not using significantly different than other plugins. As they claimed other plugins use Php output buffer to find and replace URLs within web data. Sometimes using this function makes errors while using and makes easy to identify the hooking native WordPress filters in combination with permanent 301 redirects. It previously has done 3000 plus downloads with good ratings.


Features of Plugin

  • Simple and easy to install. No other setting required to do. Just one click activation.
  • It can automatically enable Dynamic redirects

How to Setup

  • Download from WordPress Plugins store or directly from the official website of https://WordPress.org/plugins/jsm-force-ssl.
  • After installing the plugin, just click on Activate.
  • Just click on Enable Tab and done! So Simple
  1. WordPress HTTPS

This plugin is claiming that it will make your site more speedy and reliable in terms of security. This is all in one plugin that gives you multiple solutions in a single click. This plugin has more than 1 million downloading recently. Rating of this plugin is also good. But if you have to install this you have to do some struggle to activate the same as this plugin has lots of option to enable. So be activate the same in guidance with someone who has recent experience with. We recommend you to take an overview on youtube for how to enable WordPress HTTPS.



  • Individual HTTPS control.
  • Can map all your URL’s
  • Inbuilt filters for URL’s

How to setup

  • Install WordPress HTTPS from the official WordPress website or directly into your plugin section from plugin store.
  • After downloading the same just click on the activate.
  • Make some necessary change into the required field after that save changes. Done!
  1. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL is one of the best plugins I ever had get experience. Personally, I am using this. It was very easy to handle plugin. You just have installed and activated the same. Done! It will automatically detect all settings and configuration to run our website on https. In this plugin, you can get a good option to keep it lightweight. It has good rating 5/5 and active installation more than 3Million downloads.


  • It has an inbuilt scanner, it gives you the green light signal then you don’t have to require makes any changes.
  • It has HTTP Transport faculty.
  • Advanced security header features for securing your website.
  • Mixed Content Fixer
  • You can check your SSL Certification valid till date information.
  • It also has premium support.

How to Active

  • By simply downloading from the official website of WordPress or you can get this useful tool from WordPress plugin store.
  • Click to Install & Activate the same.
  • Check your SSL Certificate. Please, note you have installed your SSL Certificate to your website.
  1. SSL Insecure Content Fixer

This one of the best plugin. It’s open-source plugin also that you can download free of cost from official website WordPress or the plugin store of WordPress. Its mainly work with Insecure Content Filter. It has lots of features that are important to secure a website. It also makes the warning for insuring content with little or no required. After simply installed on your site. It started fixing the basic changes to your site automatically. You can enable more advanced settings as per the requirement of your site. This plugin has also good ratting. It downloads by the user more than 3M plus.


  • Warning if get insecure content signals
  • Filter insecure content
  • Fix level as per the requirement.  

How to Setup

  • Install this plugin. 
  • Activate the plugin
  • Enable the SSL redirections.
  1. Verve SSL

Verve SSL is recently launched with fewer download. Currently, this plugin is not gained any market share. It works good, as pre the need of the website.  It free open source plugin that allows to login administrator are in HTTPS and after log out it automatically redirects the connection to HTTPs. There is the main feature that developers claim that it will automatically remove the insecure data and update to secure the same.


  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Automatically detect insecure data and convert a message to secure.
  • Give security to while login as administrator.
  • No additional changes required in WP-login.php
  • Cover Automatically Administration area for WP- Loin.php
  • It also helps to SEO for better URL’s Structure.
  • Due to the latest launch, We didn’t see any compatibility issues with the current WordPress version.

How to Setup

  • Just download
  • Click to activate and Install
  • Enable SSL
  1. WP Force SSL

This plugin is also a good choice. It was very simple in terms of uses. Many of user complaining that many times plugin is not easy to install. But nowadays thanks to WordPress that making such easy to install the plugin. As developers of this plugin also claim that this plugin easy to handle, no need to touched any coding of your website. It easily redirects the traffic from HTTP to https.


  • Easy to Install
  • Redirection HTTP to HTTPS automatically.
  • No need to touch any code of your website.

How to Install

  • Go to plugin store or directly download from WordPress official website.
  • Click on Setting and find the WP force SSL
  • Enable SSL


This post will tell you about the variety of Best WordPress SSL Plugin. Those who available is free of cost. As I am using Really Simple SSL from last 6 months and its very simple to use and effective. I suggest this. All the above-mentioned plugins are good according to your needs. 

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