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Bigg Boss 13 – Wednesday’s episode in Bigg Boss 13 saw a fierce battle between Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh. In the last night show, Madhurima Tuli beats Vishal Aditya Singh with a frypan. Before the incident, Vishal through water on Madhurima and Madhurima called “behnji” to Vishal.


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When things go haywire you smile..! #vishaladityasingh flaunting his cute smile amidst all the mess in the house..! Outfit:- @yajybyaj Style:- @style__inn @richa_r29 #beyourself #betrue #begooddogood #BiggBoss13 #bihari #BB13 #BiggBoss

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When Madhurima and Vishal fighting with each other. Bigg boss warned both of them that don’t spray water on the mic. After a big fight, Vishal tells that big boss he doesn’t want to reside in the home and wants to leave the house. Bigg boss tells him if is this your last decision so we will give you the volunteer exit from the Bigg Boss. Other housemates like Rashmi Desai and Asim try to conveyance Vishal to not leave the house as he has time till Friday evening. But Vishal is so rude and not understanding the points of housemates.

After this Bigg Boss puts him in jail. Now Madhurima’s mother has reacted to this.

Madhurima Tuli’s mummy shared a video on social media.  Madhurima’s mother is seen crying in the video.

In the video, Madhurima’s mother is speaking – ‘Why did Madhurima’s son not control. Salman Khan once explained. Vishal will come out and find out. Everyone is speaking so much, I know how much pressure is there, but never forget to raise your hand. This is a big lesson in life.


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‘Perhaps a bad event had to happen for us, it happened in its place. I know that this is not your nature. But if you do this then you will have to face punishment. At the same time, Vishal will also face punishment.

Madhurima’s mother said- ‘I am not able to eat. No matter how much you try, the grain is not going in my mouth. Your brother is also very sad.

‘How you guys must have stayed overnight. Everyone was meeting their parents and brothers and sisters and both of you were in jail. Why did this should not have? Well, whatever happened, do not ever do all this. Follow your path. Helping the poor. To loot everything for others. What will anyone tell what you do? Everyone here knows what you are.


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Please tell me that these days Family Week is going on. Everyone is meeting their family members. But Madhurima Tuli and Vishal are put in jail and they will not be able to meet anyone. That’s why Madhurima’s mother is upset.

Before that incident, Vishal and Madhurima also get in big trouble due to their fight several days ago and Bigg boss gives them another chance and due to this fight madhurima is already nominated for eviction from the big boss.

This is very interesting that what is the reaction of  Salman Khan. Is Vishal is staying in big boss 13 or evicted from the house. It will too Interesting. Till then we will give you each and every update about the bigg boss 13 live.

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