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bluehost india review

This article will be going to be reviewing Bluehost India review web hosting services of close attention because it’s going to be an in-depth overview of the pros and cons of using Bluehost services. In this article, you can take a review of the Bluehost India review. In which we are going to talk about the several packages and plans.

Some Important questions raise by our users and we try to figure out as per our investigation:-

  • Bluehost India offers servers in U.S., Is it better to buy from them?
  • Should You buy hosting from Bluehost India?
  • Is Bluehost India as good as Bluehost U.S.?

Bluehost India Review Vs and is two different companies in the same field of hosting service provider. is an Indian company that using Resellerclub to sell hosting & domain packages. We heard from online sources that is can’t beat a US Based high rating in hosting services. So we just only talk about the

Introduction to

Bluehost you know they are about the page you could actually see that. They were founded in 2003, based in Orem Utah and power upwards to two million websites worldwide. They have a team of around 750+ people. It’s time a company also if you don’t know this they’re actually part of this massive group called Endurance International Group.

So the company was brought in 2010 and if you actually look at their site Endurance International Group actually owns some of the biggest hosting companies and domain inside building companies out there. So, they are on Bluehost.

They own Hostgator, (domain) calm and Mojo marketplace and other apps as well and of course with every company and every huge company out there. is also Webhosting company but it only provides services in India with the help of resellerclub. We also try to make an article on Bluehost India Review ASAP.


Bluehost hosting prices starting from

  • You can get shared hosting starting from only $2.95.
  • VPS hosting you can get 18.99
  • Dedicated server hosting you will get 79.99.   

And for you to get that price the bluest packages are paid annually. So you could get a 12, 24 or 36 months package. Keep that in mind, when you do get the package you do get a free domain a free site builder. And you’re able to actually install Word Press with one-click through their cPanel.

Best hosting Plan that fits in your needs

If we talk about the shared hosting plan. So they have three packages:-

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Prime

Whether shared hosting plans have the basic, plus and Prime packages and the key differences between those is that with the basic versus the plus and Prime. You have one website you could hold us through that package versus unlimited website.

That you could actually hold to that. Package with a basic plan. You do get capital with 50 gigs but with all three packages to the bandwidth is unmetered. So if you don’t know what that means that basically means that the amount of traffic that you bring in is not cap when you’re hosted with Bluehost India Review.

Bluehost bandwidth issues Little bit

Now, when you get hosted with other companies you may get capped with a certain number like twenty thousand to a hundred thousand people on the actual bandwidth and overall in our experience and I haven’t really had an issue with Bluehost bandwidth issues.

So, overall I do use Bluehost services for my own marketing funnels. When I bring in traffic and I haven’t really had an issue other than that with the basic package you do get one included domain you can park up to five domains through the host and you can have up to 25 subdomains.

The basic plan you do get five different email accounts. You can get up to 100 megabytes per account. Then was the Plus and Prime it’s pretty much the same as it goes the only difference is you do get these three things right here. You can also get the same packages in Bluehost India Review.

Which is spam expressed domain privacy insight backup Pro at the actual prime package? I would highly recommend you to get plus or Prime and you can see Plus, prime at the same price. So you’re pretty much getting cut back a pro domain privacy and spam experts for free in your first year.

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How to connect Bluehost hosting to a blog or website.

Easily set up your blog on Bluehost they will be setting up WordPress because it’s very easy to use WordPress and it has many more advantages so when you first come to Bluehost you’ll see the screen like this so click on get started.

It will show you different plans to select the first basic plan. If you are setting up your blog for the first time that is it is your first ever block and just select it is very good for Styne bloggers.

You have to select your domain. Which they give you free so you don’t have to pay any extra money for your domain name for one year so domain name is the name of your website like Indian fellows dot-com you have to select your domain name and click Next.

If your desired domain name is available and if it is not available. It will show you different options, whether it is why it is not available. You can select the same, as you find suitable for your needs.

Enter Below mentioned details in the same like:-
  • Your name
  • Business name (optional)
  • Country
  • Address
  • city
  • Pin code
  • Phone number

Notice:- The setup is free and primary domain registration is also free.

Billing Information

  • Enter your Billing Information
  • Credit card number.
  • Debit card Visa debit card or MasterCard debit card
  • Expiration Date and signature
  • CVV code

Than enter click on icon form and submit after filling all your details so after you filled up all your details and your transaction is successful you will be locked into your account.

Install WordPress with Bluehost

Install WordPress under the website option. It easy to install WordPress people because we’ll be working on word press. Which is the most widely used blogging platform or content management. You can call it so click on install WordPress and it will show you the options to install WordPress.

It’s very easy just click on it and it will automatically redirect to Mojo marketplace. Click on install and it says loading now you have to select your domain name. Just select your domain name. Click the check domain and it will take a bit to check it this was just another website.

Is Bluehost is right for a new blogger?

Bluehost is the right option for you if you are a new blogger and want to start a new blog or website. If you have normal traffic, so you can choose the basic plan. Other Plus and prime plans depend upon you how much money you can spend in starting. We suggest you go with the basic plan. You can get also the Indian server on Bluehost India Review.

Hope you like our article. We just trying to give you a little bit of overview. If we get more details about the best hosting in 2019. We will surely update it in the same article.


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