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Cafe Coffee Day Owner Missing

cafe coffee day

Cafe Coffee Day owner missing news comes out on Monday. Cafe coffee day is the big name in Coffee business in India, as we all know. Mostly youth love to take coffee in CCD. Due to its very famous brand and reputation, people love to go to Cafe Coffee Day. In Metro cities, CCD is the famous brand and spot to time pass for youths and couples. It luxuries structure of sitting arrangments and guest welcoming is so much impressed us. Cafe Coffee Day is always maintaining quality from its beginning.\

cafe coffee day


CCD is always in news due to its branding and celebrities engagements, sportsmen and Bollywood actor/actress love to seat and pick a cup of coffee at CCD. Lots of Promotional Activities conducted by CCD with Charming Bollywood stars or with models. Due to this Cafe Coffee Day is become very famous in between youths and lots of people those who love to take coffee.

As we heard about the CEO of CCD is missing. Many people are praying for him. As Board of Director meeting was held and they release a press note, in which they claim they didn’t aware about the Siddhartha is missing since Monday.

Today we are discussing the Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) Empire, Sh. Siddhartha makes the CCD brand to heights.

History of Cafe Coffee Day

CCD is the biggest chain of cafe restaurant in India. CCD is founded by V. G Siddhartha an entrepreneur in 1996. He is the son of law of former CM of Karnataka SM Krishna. According to Forbes in 2015 his net worth is 8,200 Crore.

CCD Headquarter situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Cafe Coffee Day started by its founder in 1993. The first CCD is inaugurated in 11, July 1996 in Bangalore, when Bangalore is going to become an IT hub. And its rapidly grows the chain of CCD all over India. Turnover of CCD is marked to 4,264 approx every year. (Income Report from MoneyControl site).

cafe coffee day

CCD has a total of 1843 outlets in metro cities as well as non-metro cities. It has also business in Nepal, Malaysia, Czech Republic, and Vienna. According to the survey made in 2011, CCD is in the list of top six companies in the retail chain.


G Siddhartha CCD is spotted in controversies when, Income Tax department conducted a raid on its premises in and found undeclared 650 Crore income, which is under the investigation on that time of Income Tax Department. After that incident shares of CCD down by 9%.

Now as latest updates, V. G Siddhartha got missing and police try to find out him. As per the latest report, his car got recovered from Netravati River but V. G Siddhartha is still missing.

A letter written by V. G Siddhartha is also is trending viral on social media like facebook & twitter. In which, he wrote everything about the business losses, harassments from the Income Tax Department.

Note:-  Above mentioned article is based over on the news related to missing CCD owner. All images or logos and videos belong to their original owners.

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