Celebrity Akshay Kumar’s Mother Aruna Bhatia Passes Away, Akshay Kumar Condoles Mother’s Death

Akshay Kumar

September 08, Mumbai: Bollywood entertainer Akshay Kumar’s mom has died. Entertainer Akshay Kumar has imparted the information on his passing to his fans and individuals by tweeting.

Entertainer Akshay Kumar’s mom Aruna Bhatia has been conceded to Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai for treatment. He kicked the bucket today during his treatment in the ICU.

Akshay Kumar Expressed Grief by Tweeting

On this, Akshay Kumar tweeted saying that this was my starting point and today I feel the agonizing aggravation of the base of my reality. Writing in his tweet, Akshay said, “My mom Mrs. Aruna Bhatia bid farewell to this world earlier today and has gotten back to a different universe with her dad. I regard your petitions as my family and I go through this troublesome trial.

Akshay Kumar was shooting a film in London. Notwithstanding, he got back to Mumbai on Monday morning in the wake of shooting in the UK to see his debilitated mother.

After that, he met his mom. After the continuous treatment for so many days, today (8 Sep 2021) he has bid farewell to the world.

About Akshay Father

Akshay’s dad Hari Om Bhatia was in the Army. He too died a couple of years back. In the interim, Akshay was going for his impending film Cinderella nowadays. Be that as it may, his mom’s wellbeing weakened and he came to India. Aside from this, his film Bell Bottom has as of late come on screen.

In 2015, Akshay Kumar conversed with Hindustan Times about his relationship with his mom. “The connection between a mother and her child is so solid yet so gentle…nothing could divide us, no measure of miles or landmasses can hold us back from letting each other know each day that I would be nothing and nobody without her.

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