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Choosing the right Freelancer

choosing the right freelancer

Here we are again with a new story, how can you “Choosing the right Freelancer”.

I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for nearly two years. During my time, I’ve worked with some amazing clients. And we’ve had partnerships last from near the beginning of my career. As a business hiring freelancers, it’s crucial to make sure you’re proactive in nurturing a relationship. That works for both your needs and that of the individuals you’re working with. After all, these are partnerships that benefit you both. But as the client, the weight is on your shoulders.

The choice is yours.

Choosing the right freelancer for your business & you genuinely want the best experience, maximum productivity & the best. And the best return in terms of quality and results, you need to become mindful of your actions.

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Let’s explore it:

The absolute first step choosing the right freelancer you need to take in developing an active partnership takes place before you even working with someone. Just like an employee in your physical workspace, you want to make sure you’re getting the right talent for the right job. Whether you’re inviting the freelancer to your project via email directly, or via a job platform like Upwork or People Per Hour. You need to present your business in the right way, ensuring the right people get in touch.

Far too often I’m invited to job posts like;

I need 5x 500 blog posts by Monday. E- Commerce industry. Needs to be SEO-friendly. Thanks. This is not going to get you the best results if any at all. The people replying to this job will be beginners to the freelancing world and tend not to have experience. I should know. It used to be me; desperate for anybody who would hire me while charging a below-acceptable rate. If this is what you’re looking for; that’s fine. However, if you’re looking for talent and quality to make your project a success. A post like this will scare the best candidates away.

Ask yourself;
  • Who do you want?
  • What are the job specifics?
  • What does your project require?
  • What process are you using?
  • What specific skills does the job demand?

Choosing the right freelancer

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An example of the above written comprehensively would read something like this; Hello potential freelancers! I represent an entrepreneurial blog based in the US & India which specializes in helping start-up business optimizes their E-Commerce stores, and we need you for content! We take a friendly yet professional approach to people, usually within the 18–30 age range. To start with, we’re looking for a talented freelancer to join our team for this one-off project writing five blog posts (at 500 words per piece) to help connect with new leads and customers. We’re looking for a US- India based freelancer (at least native English speaking who can write in US English) who will be available over the next week.

All titles and keywords will be provided, and SEO-friendly writing skills are essential. We currently offer a rate of $30 per 500 words, but the price is negotiable depending on your experience. All work will take place through our Google Doc/Sheet framework, which will all be detailed upon hire, and must be 100% original (NO rewrites!)If you fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch!

While this description isn’t perfect, it does showcase exactly what you need answer is that freelancers applying for your job role now will know precisely what you’re offering, and the top, most suitable talent is far more likely to apply. The best partnerships come from businesses who treat people as an individual — and as a human.

Great Communication is Everything

As with any aspect of the business, communication is essential when it comes to an effective freelance relationship. You need to ensure you’re detailed with your communications. Be direct and concise. It’s disheartening for both parties if you’re always engaged in sending messages back and forth, like a digitally verbal tennis match. Instead, take the time to write one long, detailed message that includes all the information the freelancer needs to know.

Clarity is key when using a freelancer.

Invite questions from the freelancer to guarantee everyone is on the same page with the work to be completed. This will minimize the risk of mistakes and problems later on in the contract.

However, be mindful that constant messages back and forth will push some freelancers away, especially those working with multiple clients. This forces freelancers to skip over messages, and then there’s a risk of miscommunication.

Release payment ASAP

I’ve worked with plenty of clients that are rapid when it comes to asking for work and checking up on the progress of their orders, but when it comes to payments, I’ve been left waiting weeks for the cheque to come in.

Radio silence.
For the vast majority of freelancers, this is simply unacceptable.
Just as quickly as you’re able to request work, you need to be able to pay them. If you’re working with a talented freelancer you want to continue working with, slow payments will result in them going elsewhere, and you’ll have missed out on an exceptional opportunity.
Of course, if you need to process payments through your accounting departments, or there’s a specific date payment will be released, that’s fine. Freelancers understand. However, you need to make sure you’re informing them of this process. Don’t leave them in the dark.
Wanting to make the client happy and rising to the challenge, I worked tirelessly for 18 hours straight, working through the night to make sure the order was in their inbox before 9 am the next day.
I felt incredible as I turned off my laptop at 5:30 am after the work was done; my brain fried from the experience, but the sense of accomplishment was unparalleled. I was proud. I was excited to hear what the client has to say and their feedback.
However, I work up around midday, logged on and saw the payment had cleared. No message. The contract had been closed. No feedback. No nothing. Although still proud in myself, this felt like a bit of a kick in the teeth from their part — a bitter taste in the mouth.
While a freelancer may ever just be words on a screen to you, they’re still a human being, and gratitude can go a long way. Be grateful for the work a freelancer puts in and this is how you can form long-lasting B2B relationships that can be such a positive thing in the long-term for everyone involved.
On the other hand, there are plenty of clients who will send across beaming smiley emojis who are incredibly grateful for the work and always say it’s a pleasure to work together. These are partnerships that will thrive.
Give Comprehensive Feedback

Freelancers demand feedback for their work because it’s what helps them grow as an individual, as a skilled worker, and as a business. Whether you’re giving points to improve on through constructive criticism, or sharing praise, feedback is key.

Furthermore, testimonials are essential for a freelancer to grow, so take the time to write one out for them to use on their portfolio or freelancing profile.

If you can do this without asking, that’s excellent. If the freelancer gently reminds you, this is another way to build a positive relationship, and really doesn’t take any time at all.

choosing the right freelancer

Build Relationships That Thrive

As you can see, there’s really not much that goes into creating the best experience for your business when working with freelancers. A few extra messages and smiley emojis here and there, and a few friendly greetings and salutations can go a long way. As a business, develop a mindset that treats freelancers as a balance of being a business and individual. This is how you’ll create a positive experience that could revolutionize the way your business succeeds.

Hope this post regarding “Choosing the right freelancer” will help you to build a dedicated team, which can help you to make your work done on time to time.

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