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Chor Bazaar Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

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Chor Bazaar Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

Chor Bazaar Full Movie Download Tamilrockers. Tamilrockers is the fastest way to find, watch, and download full movies online! Tamilrockers website has a dedicated team of movie lovers and enthusiasts that ensure that we have all the latest movies and always stay on top of them. You can also A to Z Tamil Movies Download Tamilrockers. Get access to endless movies with Tamilrocker’s up-to-date information on new releases, weekly updates, and more!

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What Is This Movie About?

Chor Bazaar is a 2022 Tamil romantic comedy film written and directed by B. Jeevan Reddy. It features actors Sunil, Akash Puri, and Bhanu Prakash in the lead roles. The film was released on 24 June 2022 with positive reviews from critics. The movie has got good reviews from viewers and critics alike.- Storyline: Chor Bazaar is a story about

Chor Bazaar Full Movie Details List

Movie Chor Bazaar
Release Date24 June 2022
Directed and Written byB. Jeevan Reddy
Produced byV.S. Raju, Alluri Suresh Varma
StarringAkash Puri, Gehnna Sippy, Subbaraju, Sunil, Sampoornesh Babu
CinematographyJagadeesh Cheekati
Edited byAnwar Ali, Prabhu Deva
Production companyI V Production
IMDb Ratings9.2/10

What Did People Think of it?

The movie Chor Bazaar was released on Tuesday and it was met with mixed reviews. And also this movie was leaked by Tamilrockers website. While some people enjoyed the light-hearted nature of the film, others found it to be unoriginal and lackluster. Overall, most people seem to think that it is a decent watch, if a little forgettable. Here are some of the more common reactions to the film.

How to Watch Chor Bazaar on Tamilrockers

If you are looking for a good Tamil movie to watch this weekend, look no further than Chor Bazaar. This film is a lot of fun, and it is sure to make you laugh. Plus, the acting is top-notch. You can watch Chor Bazaar on Tamilrockers, and you will not regret it.

How Does it Fit into the Greater Genre of Films?

The genre of Chor Bazaar is a comedy film. It is a Tamil language film and was directed by debutante B. Jeevan Reddy. Chor Bazaar was released on 24 June 2022 in Tamil Nadu.

This is set in the backdrop of a chor movie theater. Chor Bazaar is a comedy film that centers around the everyday struggles and absurdities faced by actors and filmmakers in Chennai’s chor movie theater scene.

Is This Worth Watching if You Haven’t Seen Any Other Tamil Films in Your Lifetime?

If you have not seen any Tamil films in your lifetime, then Chor Bazaar is definitely worth watching. The film is full of comedy and has an interesting storyline.

Is this worth watching if you are an experienced Tamil cinephile with deep knowledge and expertise on movies from the past fifty years?

While it is definitely not for everyone, Chor Bazaar (2022) is an interesting and unusual film that should be on any Tamil cinephile’s watchlist. The story follows a group of intellectuals in the early 1990s who are trying to revive the cities chor (a form of classical Indian dance) scene. The film has a quirky and offbeat feel and is packed full of references to Indian culture and cinema. Those looking for something more conventional may want to avoid it, but Chor Bazaar is worth watching for fans of cult cinema.


B. Jeevan Reddy. It features actors Sunil, Akash Puri, and Bhanu Prakash in the lead roles. The story follows an investigative journalist (Prabhu Deva) who uncovers a conspiracy behind large-scale corruption in Chennai’s choreography industry.


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