Complete Lock Down in India for 21 Days | Latest Updates on Corona

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PM Modi Live – Due to the Corona Virus, a complete shutdown has been called in India. This update has been given by Mr. PM Modi in front of the people in his national addressing and he has also said that it is very important if this 21 days we have If we do not keep it closed, then we will go away from 21 years of age so that our economy and India will suffer a lot of damage.

Shri PM Modi has appealed to the people to stay in their homes and it is very difficult to stop the virus as it takes at least 21 to 25 days to show its symptoms in the human body and it is big countries like China America Iran, Spain, Italy are much more effected to this Virus.

As we know that all these countries, whether it is America, China, Italy, their health system is more advanced than us, but even these people are unable to stop the virus. Now it is up to you that you stay in the home and spread this virus. If you lock yourself in homes, then this virus can be prevented.

We can only live as long as we are inside our homes, if we get out of the houses. Then there are maximum chances of spreading this virus.

At the same time, PM Modi also said that it is a moment of deep and courage in which, till the situation of lockdown, We have to pray for the health staff like nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers and Police personals who are performing their duties in this kind of dangerous situation for you.

PM Modi also greeted the media, in which it has been urged that people think about the media who are constantly sending news and updates related to Corona Virus in this difficult situation.

PM Modi also told that to people the government has made necessary funds of 15 thousand crores to fight with the Corona Virus.

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