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Best Professional Computer Courses After 12th for Every Student

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Why computer course is important in Today

Given the boom within the technology sector. Over the previous few years and India standing as a digital power. Employment as a technology skilled is among the most most well-liked career choices for the youth of nowadays. It’s no secret that technology plays a large role within the running of just about each business nowadays.

According to top business sources & Human Resources organization. The Computer Skills market will be 250 to 500 billion US dollars in the upcoming days. By 2024 it will be increased by 30 to 40% as claimed due to digitization in the world. Experts from all over the world, the technology sector also are slated to grow at approx. 8-9% (excluding fluctuations in exchange rates).

Most short-term run Computer course has a length of between 3 to 6 months or less (in some cases), depend on the course material. On the roaring completion of thateach student is awarded a certification, as the case may be.

So here’s a listing of best Computer courses you can do after 12th.

List of Best Computer Courses after +2 (12th)

1. Digital Marketing

One of the newer and additional distinctive Computer courses once twelfth accessible, Digital Marketing covers a vast area related to the field of digital technology. Some of the key aspects covered by this course include: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Brand Management, Web Analytics, and Mobile Marketing.

This course is often particularly helpful for those wanting to launch their own complete, run an independent business or start an online business field.

Potential career choices post the completion of this course include;

  • Digital Marketer (Freelancer)
  • Digital Marketing Professional (work for agencies/MNC’s)
  • Online Brand Management professional
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO professional (independent/ fulltime)
  • SEO consultant (independent/fulltime)
  • Digital Marketing instructor

Below is the video, that can explain to you about what is digital marketing. Video Credit to Sahil Khanna Sir.

2.Web Designing & Development

Web Designing & Development course after 12th generally offers students a choice between two options.  As a short-term course after computer science between 3 to 6 months or a Computer Diploma course,it would be for one year. An integral part of Computer Science, it’s all about teaching you how to design and maintain websites. Given the growing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT), even small companies today flaunt their own websites.

Hence job choices square measure plentiful upon the roaring completion of this net coming up with course.

Some of the prime employment choices that you just might think about including-

  • Web designer (with MNCs/Agencies/Corporates)
  • Web Developer
  • Freelancer Web designer
  • UEX Designer
  • Graphics Designer

3. Animation & VFX

A part of graphic coming up with, Animation courses are fast becoming a famous computer course after 12th among students looking for a field of specialization.

As per a report by Research & Markets, the Indian animation industry is expected to grow by an impressive 15-20% to touch the USD 23bn mark by 2021.

Most cities in India provide sheepskin courses within the field of Animation & VFX with a length of six months to two years.

So if you love to draw and let your imagination run wild on paper, you may be well suited for this particular course.

Popular career choices accessible to students, post the completion of this course includes

After the course you will Work as a:

  • Visual Effects Expert
  • Film Animation Expert
  • Trainer
  • Freelance VFX Professional
  • VFX Expert
  • Creative Head

4. Data Entry Operator Course

One of the foremost basic Computer courses were once twelfth accessible. It’s designed to hone a student’s computer typing and data entry skills – which is the process of entering data into a computerized database or a spreadsheet. This IT course is well suited for those who do not seek or need very advanced knowledge about computers; it can help you get entry-level typing/data entry jobs in most companies. The length of this course is often for 6 months however might vary from institute to institute.

Job Options here include;

Data Entry Operator (Fulltime)
Freelance Data Entry Operator (Online)

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5. Graphics Designing

Joining a Graphic coming up with course once twelfth will offer you with an excellent platform to showcase your inventive skills. With the onset of the pc, this stream of design is being used everywhere and has multiple applications in varied fields.

After completion of the above-mentioned course, Student can start their career related to design which include the following;

  • Graphics designer (independent/Freelance)
  • Corporate/Agency Graphics designer
  • Brand & Visual Identity manager
  • Printing specialist
  • Creative director
  • Graphic designer (with online magazines/websites/media/publishing firms)

6. CADD (Computer Aided Design & Drafting)

This skilled Computer course is best fitted to students with a technical background.It is ideal for engineering students from streams like electrical, mechanical or civil engineering. Moreover, twelfth pass students with a technical bent of mind will also notice this course helpful in terms of gaining unique skill sets. Certificate courses in software package and drafting (CADD) teaching techniques used mainly in the engineering fields and design. They also offered training in the how can you use of CAD programs and planning & design software like AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and InfraWorks.

Popular career choices for CADD professionals include;

  • Civil Drafters
  • Mechanical Drafters
  • Architectural Drafters

Also, See Video of DOTNET Institute explaining Computer courses after 12th.

7. Computer Hardware & Networking Repairing/Maintenance

just as long as your own software system is recently updated as well as hardware will be in good operating condition, a computer will perform optimally completely. But even as software system has to be updated regularly, computer hardware also is prone to problems and small/major setbacks. As these computer courses are related to the repairs/rebuild of computer hardware as per the name of the course mentioned above.

Possible job options here include;·

  • Computer Engineer (with a hardware company)
  • Computer service technician
  • Hardware & Networking Executive 


Before doing any computer course, please do verify that the Institute is certified with Google certification or ISO Certification and is Institute have relevant experience in terms of teaching.

First of all identify your needs, what you want to do. Make your goals and accordingly steps forward. This is the best way to keep yourself on track.

Hope you like our article. This article is based on the trending jobs in IT sector.

Please do take some more research on the above-mentioned courses before enrolling.

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