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alka lamba

The whole world is in the grip of Coronavirus, which India is not even untouched, there are increasing cases of compassion Corna virus in India, due to which, once again news of extending the day of lockdown is being spread on social media, etc. But towards the Government of India, No comment has been made on this till now.

If we talk about politics, opposition parties are not getting rid of their antics in this difficult situation. The honorable Mrs. Alka Lamba, the leader of the Congress, has made vulgar remarks on Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

He made this comment in his tweet on Twitter which is as follows.

After the tweet, Yogeshwar Dutt, who has contested the Haryana Assembly elections on a BJP ticket, lodged his objection and also responded to Alka Lamba in a clear tone.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of debate between the two on Twitter and people tweeted against Alka Lamba, why should not use such language Many people expressed their displeasure by tweeting.

We have seen many tweets on the Twitter profile of Alka Lamba in which people of a particular community are sharing photos and videos showing that the government and people of other religions are seen to be abusive against a particular community.

But It is not true, the government always stands with 130 crore people all the time because for the government every community and every religion is equal.

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