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corona update in india

Corona update in India : As people are increasing on the day of lockdown, the matters of the corona Virus are also increasing continuously in India.  the situation arising out of COVID-19  is becoming serious and this is having an impact on all the states of the country and the people living there.

Due to the ever-increasing cases of Corona virus, the government is looking very serious and constant efforts are being made to stop it.

Corona Update in India

According to the latest news, due to compassion, the number of infected patients in the country is continuously increasing, the number of infected patients is going to reach around 900 and the death toll is going to be close to 20, out of which the 67 people have recovered Huh.

Nearly one 124 new CORONA infected patients have been reported in the last 24 hours across the country.

In order to defeat the same Covid-19, the government has tried to take very good steps continuously and the Ministry of Railways has decided to set up isolation wards in Railway Coaches.

At the same time, the state governments on the people who broke the lock down, the police department has been ordered to take the harshest legal action against those who are not following the lock downs and needlessly leaving the houses.

Italy is on the Top in Deaths Due to Corona

Corona infection has taken the form of a terrible epidemic all over the world. This infection in China has now engulfed the whole world. Due to which millions of people have been infected and thousands have died. Talk about America, at least 350 people have died in the last 24 hours due to Corona Virus.

On the other hand, in Italy, the highest number of deaths have been recorded in Italy due to the COVID-19.

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Notice – All values of deaths are updated through various online news sources.

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