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I love sports, who doesn’t? But when it comes to punters the love of the sport is a means of generating revenue. We all try it from time to time and the convenience of a bookie is one thing that cannot be understated.

Overall, a well-balanced bookie should have something for everyone and not focus on a single market much like what Dafabet provides. Dafabet bookie has not been around long enough to be considered a veteran, but their veteran-like strategies have made them stand out and not in a bad way. Dafabet App has in recent years focused its energies on providing a well-rounded betting experience to cater to the very diverse Indian gaming community.

The popularity of Cricket highlights the force that is the Sports betting community. However, the Indian subcontinent has always been home to several card games which are still popular to this day. As such, the casino market is also there, though lacking much of the marketing its closest rival has. Nothing beats familiarity. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here. Come find out what’s in store in this solution as we take it out for a spin.

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What are Dafabet app benefits?

With so much already built with the average consumer in mind, reservations are justified given the learning curve of any new system. Honestly speaking, bots have similar betting tools, so what’s the point altogether? Well.

Personalized notifications: I placed a bet and got a notification on my device immediately after it was settled. While overlooked at first, it comes in quite handy and keeping track of running slips is easier.

Increased security. Imagine visiting a website completely similar to the bookie’s site and providing your personal information. Phishing is a threat to network security as it cannot be easily detected by regular users. An app gets rid of this entirely and can now rest stress-free.

How do I get Dafabet App to my device?

You know it’s there and now you want it. First updates are needed to at least Android 4.4.2 KitKat which is the oldest Android version supported by the application. Looking at the PlayStore will leave you a bit disappointed. Due to the organization’s very strict policy on gambling activities, it is near impossible to have a bookie’s app listed in their app store. This means an alternative installation procedure comes to our rescue.

I went to the main portal looking for an apk file. This is the alternative I was telling you about. The Downloads section took my attention and were delighted to have it so conveniently located. After I attempted to open the file and some security warning popped up. Reading it, all I had to do was individually allow the browser to be recognized as a trusted source. After modifying it, the procedure went as planned and I soon got to experience the enjoyment of using it.

How do I get Dafabet app if I’m in the Apple ecosystem?

Is it me, or do Apple’s anti-competitive practices sometimes turn to favour customers? When it comes to this manufacturer, they have no qualms with any developer provided they are getting a piece of the cake. As it turns out, this makes it possible to have bookies listed. So, all I had to do was go to the store real quick. A quick search query and I located the piece of software.

Clicking install, I counted about ten seconds and was then informed the process was successful. I thought they would be different, however, the android and iOS versions look similar in all respects.

What do I need to run Dafabet application?

Like everything ever designed, some given criteria need to be met to meet the requirements of operating any device or system and it couldn’t be all the more true in this case. With the job of developing the most inclusive solution, developers are tasked with the unfortunate task of deciding the cut-off point. As a testament to this, you need at least:

· An updated Dafabet Android version of at least android 4.4.2

· 100Mb of RAM space

· 200Mb of local storage

· 3G internet connection or WiFi connectivity

These are the minimum specification needed to run the application on the Android platform. But what about its Apple counterpart. IOS is an entirely different matter altogether. This manufacturer has one of the longest support lifecycles out of any provider out there. But nothing ever covers all 100% of mobile devices except USSD. Now, you require:

· iOS version should be at least 8.1 or later

· RAM space to operate the application should be 100Mb

· 200Mb of local storage on the device.

Old devices may be successful in installation, but the operation will feel entirely different. Slow touches and crashing in the middle of use, by the time I was two minutes into trying to use it, I opted for the mobile website. A good thing that works much better.

What is there for Dafabet App casino punters?

Being all too familiar with the casino scene, not surprisingly enough, I got a great experience considering the games made available. After proceeding there, I got treated to some wonderful odds and games. The bookie provides a well-balanced betting experience and the best part is a VIP section for big rollers. With a long history itself, Indians are all too familiar with comes card games unique to their region. Nothing was left to chance and even a live casino where I got to play against other punters, was quite the challenge but overall, a blast of an experience.

What are some of the games in the casino section?

I have to say, looking at the facts, even a single missing game would deter any serious punter from using a bookie’s services. That being said, Dafabet App is not lacking and brings more to the table than most bookies. Solely based on their market research, you won’t be lacking what you’re looking for.

The first thing I tried out was the slots and after a few hours, I got bored and tried to play poker. A losing streak saw the end of that foray but gave me an opportunity to properly review the other games. Some winnings were made playing Baccarat and roulette. However, I didn’t have adequate time to play some of the local Indian card games. Teen Patti seemed the more alluring. However, Andar Bahar wasn’t all that bad either.

What markets are there for Sporting events?

To put sports into context, cricket has more supporters in India than in the rest of the world combined. To say it is popular would be an understatement and that is true for other sports too. I have to say, looking at the sports markets, I got the impression that the bookie knows what punters are looking for. I tried out their sports markets and got some wins with some easy 1×2 markets.

The goals section proved even more profitable as I had some wins wagering on some of my favourite leagues. Looking at everything else, there was no market I could think of that was absent. I even got to try out the player to score market which, to my absolute delight brought me some substantial profit. Coming to Dafabet App wasn’t at all a bad idea and after taking out their sports markets for a spin, I have to say the bookie knows what they are doing.

How many types of wagers are there in the Sports events?

When it comes to sports events, the markets in this particular section of the bookie’s app cover a multitude of game aspects. However, there are only two types of sports bets, a single bet and an accumulator bet.

Single bet: This is a wager type where only one selection is present in the slip. This can be a selection from any market provided on a sports event and the bet only wins if that prediction is correct.

Accumulator bet: This is a bet type where the user picks multiple markets from several events. The odds are accumulated where the winnings from one event are used as a stake for the next. This bet type comes with the potential of increased winnings but comes with additional risk to the punter as one event losing means the entire slip is lost.


When it comes to sports events, the one market that almost all punters are familiar with is the home draw or away win the market. Dafabet app is a market where punters attempt to predict the match’s final outcome. It is quite simple really and almost all punters are comfortable making a prediction here. Despite its easy appearance, the market is sometimes difficult to predict when it comes to close matches. However, this market is also available in the in-play betting section and you can more accurately make your prediction after seeing how the match is progressing.


This is a market where punters try to predict the number of goals in a match or event. A predetermined amount of goals is set and the user has to predict whether the match will have more or less than the number of goals. This is also for points in events such as tennis and basketball. This market is extremely popular especially when the teams are mismatched.

Accumulator wagers

An accumulator wager consists of multiple selections from several events and markets. The slip is won if all the predictions are correct and winnings are immediately awarded to punters.

Top scorer wagers

A top scorer wager attempts to predict the player that will score the most points in a given event. Dafabet App provides this market and the players in the team are listed for the punter’s selection.

Cricket Wagers

Cricket wagers have a following of their own in India. Given this, the markets covering this event are one of the most active. The punters are given markets covering almost all aspects of the game from the winner, to runs, wickets and even player points.

In-Play Wagers

It comes as no surprise that Dafabet app has an in-play option for select events. No longer will punters miss out on making winnings simply because an event has already commenced. The markets on events are further increased to cover all events that are taking place while the game is ongoing. Markets such as the Over/Under are added for the different periods as the game is progressing.

Dafabet Mobile Casino

The casino is not as popular as sports wagers but do not be fooled, this section of punters is active enough to warrant a fully dedicated section. The mobile casino is built for casino lovers and has all the usual collections of popular games such as baccarat, roulette, slots, card games and so much more. Not just Western games such as poker or Texas Hold’em are included, but even local favourites such as Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. A casino punter is spoilt for choice and the section also includes a VIP program for their high rollers.

Dafabet App Slots games

Slots look really great and winning in the game provides a great sense of achievement given the probability of failure. After trying the game, I was impressed with the overall layout and presentation in this section. Making a few wins and losses here and there, the best part of the game was the impressive cashback awarded after getting into a losing streak.

Dafabet App Table games

India, being as large as it is, is not without its fair share of supporters for any type of event. The game of roulette could be seen to have a cult following and is the first game I happened to check out in the casino. Lacking the usual flashiness of sports, this game tests just how lucky you are in the grand context of things.

Dafabet App Live games

Playing against the house sometimes is quite monotonous. Given this possibility, the bookie gives you the option of playing against other punters. Wagering in card games is more interesting knowing you are playing against another individual and the odds couldn’t be any better.

Accessing your account in Dafabet App

The first installation is done successfully, the next step would be a log-in. Convenient enough, the first page shown in the app, gives you two blank fields to provide your username and password. I quickly filled them out and proceeded to the main site. Also provided, is the capability to reset your password if you happen to have forgotten it.

Transacting with the bookie

Moving money to and from Dafabet apk takes very little effort given the multitude of channels made readily available on the platform. Banking transactions, mobile money, internet money as well as crypto-currencies are all supported by Dafabet App. Transactions are processed almost immediately and once you confirm a transfer, the bookie takes care of the transfer charges.

Review of Dafabet App

Overall, Dafabet app bookie is one among many operational in India. Providing both sports and casino betting is undoubtedly a plus for them as they seem to have all their bases covered. Dafabet mobile solutions mean accessibility is their priority and they do not fail in this regard. Newbies and veterans need not complain seeing as there is something for everyone. However, promotions are obviously missing but their registration bonus is worthy of mention.


Am I really getting Dafabet application for free?

Yes, using the link provided at the bookie’s main website, downloading doesn’t cost you a dime, only an internet connection is needed.

How do I get Dafabet APK?

All you have to do is find where the file is located on the main portal and click the link to save it to your device.

What do I need to run Dafabet app?

For your device to run the app, it needs to have at least 50Mb of RAM alongside an Android version of 4.4.2 KitKat. It also needs a 3G internet connection or WiFi connection.

How do I transact with the Dafabet app if I happen to be an Indian resident?

If you happen to be an Indian resident, then a variety of payment options are made available for your convenience. Mobile money, crypto, and banking in addition to internet money transfers are all supported from within the app.

What process do I follow to place a wager?

Simply put, all you need alongside the stake in your account is to create a valid slip using the markets listed. After that, all that you need do is submit the information and the wager is placed.

How do Indians access their winnings?

Going to the financial section, I found that a multitude of payment methods are installed and all you need to do is trigger a transaction. I wasn’t charged any transaction fee and owing to my preferred method, it was almost instantaneous.


The article intent is just to provide you the information. Playing casino or gambling related games can be addicted or also there are chances that you can loose your hard earned money too. So be aware and play safe at your own risk. We not advised anybody to play this kind of money making games. letmethink.in is not responsible for any kind of losses or damages.

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