Delhi – No patient admitted due to Corona in last 24 Hrs | CM Kejriwal | Latest News

The latest news so far in the last 24 hours, no patient positive Corona has been admitted to the hospital, this was confirmed by CM Kejriwal through his tweet. CM Kejriwal is very serious about the Corona Virus and he has discussed a lot about its issues with his government and the central government also. Now a round of meetings are also going on among the ministers about How to deal with the situation.

CM Kejriwal has appealed to the people many times that should not come out of the house without reason and if anyone comes out then legal action can be taken against them. The police have been instructed that he should speak to the people.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal said in his tweet that 5 people have gone home after undergoing a thorough treatment and their condition is still fine. But CM Kejriwal also told the people that there is no need to be happy right now, we have to take this seriously and follow the stated guidelines properly.

CM Kejriwal has written even further in his tweet that the situation is serious now and there is a need to be prepared for big challenges ahead.  And in this, the government needs the cooperation of the people, the rules and curfew imposed by the government should be supported by the people.

If we talk about the whole of India, then there have been 527 cases of Coronavirus at this time, out of which 10 people have died, due to Corona virus, there is lockdown all over India, there is the curfew in many areas where it is illegal to get out of the houses. Do the same, out of the few people caught by the virus, 36 people have fully recovered and have gone to their home and they are under medical surveillance.

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