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Difference between Manual and Automation Testing


Automation testing is considered the buzzword in the testing realm. It helped businesses market all the new features effectively. But it ensures a bug-free and error-free user experience. It has also enhanced the productivity of all the QA testers and developers and led to a huge increase in test coverage.

This helped keep up with the proliferation of various operating systems, browsers, and devices. Individuals can also gain knowledge by taking up the Automation testing course, which will teach all the concepts and topics about this field.

But manual testing has reserved its place. Testing out a massive landscape, which contains many categories. These categories are load testing, performance testing, system integration testing, system testing white box, and black box testing.

Many of these categories function brilliantly with automation. But others can provide positive outcomes through the manual process.

Automation vs. Manual Testing

Right before you jump to the actual part, it’s crucial to gain some information on manual and automation testing. Let’s learn about them in detail through this section:

Automation Testing

Automation Testing utilizes the frameworks to conduct all the tests. All the frameworks are scripted with the automation rules relating to the software that needs to be tested. The framework then gets integrated with several elements, such as

●   Object Details

●   Function Libraries

●   Test Data Sources,

●   Other Reusable Models

You must always opt for the correct framework for Automation Testing. This is because it can optimize the testing procedure by providing low maintenance costs and high performance.

This particular framework can be:

●   Agile

●   Hybrid

●   Structured

●   Key-Driven

●   Data-Driven

●   Linear,

But the framework will also depend heavily on the business needs.

The automation framework offers the needed infrastructure with a tool for automation testing. This can be easily used to conduct testing. Automation testing also comes with various benefits, which are:

●   Excellent Accuracy

●   Quick Turnaround Time

●   Conducts Testing on a Large Scale Easily

●   Cost Efficiency

With the help of these benefits, it’s pretty much preferred when the testing scale is massive. It’s also preferred when the development cycle is short, and you need to execute the codes constantly.

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