Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are the giants of the digital marketing world. They come with a whole arsenal to market their brands and products while distributing the content created by others. Video content has found its way into the digital marketing arena and is mostly used to promote brands, products, or educative content from companies. This shift in the digital marketing scene has helped boost traffic by 28%.

The increase in user-generated content has also helped increase page views by 3.2%. With more consumers uploading their videos, Google has seen a 50% rise in users watching videos on its platform. This trend is likely to continue as consumers will look for a better experience and improved product quality when it comes to video viewing.

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What is the role of Content Creation Tools & AI in Digital Marketing?

With the rise in digital marketing trends and popularity, the use of content creation tools and AI has also increased. Facebook has seen a 30% increase; though this is still low compared to other social media platforms. The fact that YouTube is still the most popular destination for watching videos on a smartphone or PC also indicates that there is still a high demand for videos online.

With the advancement of technologies and increased traffic thronging to these online websites, people are opting for more and more strategic tools, including a video maker, to significantly raise the bar and use digital marketing to increase their business exponentially.

Here is a list of the seven digital marketing trends that you need to look out for to enhance your business:

1. Live videos

People are opting for live videos to feel more connected to their audience and bring out original content. These videos are not the usual recorded ones but are streamed live over the internet. Live streaming is a powerful tool as it helps the user talk to their audience, connect with them and engage with them more easily. Also, the audience gets more excited when they get a chance to strike up a conversation with their service providers or celebrities. A live video maker can be used to make this experience come to life. It helps the video become more personalised and creates a better connection with the people. 

2. Augmented reality

The future of content creation is right in our hands. Augmented reality is a new tool that has been infused with technology that allows us to use our smartphone cameras to record and view real-time events in the video. With the help of an application, it can also be recorded, shared, and viewed simultaneously. This trend has already been adopted by a few brands as it allows them to create unique content, making the audience love and engage with it. You can record videos at home, edit them using a video maker, upload them to YouTube, and share your experience with everyone else. The main benefit of this trend is that the viewer gets more personalisation because they are able to see the person behind the video. 

3. Video production tools

Web-based video editing have made producing content easier than ever before. These video maker tools also provide great control over the finished product. You can also use their analytics and metrics to get real-time feedback. This trend has made it easier for people to create videos by themselves without any technical failures. However, the trend is also a bad thing because not everyone can create a superior-quality video with their smartphone, and it looks unprofessional. 

4. Viral content

No one likes to miss an interesting video that goes viral. If the content is exceptional and intriguing, people will not only share it with their friends but show it to everyone at work or school. The viral nature of content helps a brand’s outreach to its customers. It is generally easier to gain access to a wider group of people when you are already being talked about by them. The only way to get your message across to a wider audience is by using the right way of content distribution and the right placement. If you are trying to reach many people at one time, it might be better if you use videos with an appropriate description with a link.

5. Influencer marketing 

With the help of social media, famous people or popular personalities can promote your brand or product, which will help you receive more exposure. Influencer marketing alone can help you get thousands of views and likes on your profile. Videos are a good way to start a conversation with your fans and increase your reach. Besides, you can also embed links on your video which will lead the viewer to a website where they can buy or sign up for the version of your product with more benefits. These influencers can use a state-of-the-art video maker to enhance their presence. Celebrities are the new brand ambassadors, and audiences are basically following these famous personalities because they want to look like them, eat what they eat, and live life like them. This helps you build an audience who eventually will spread awareness about your product in places you might have never reached. 

6. Storytelling

Many businesses are now focusing on telling stories about their brand. In fact, many brands are doing this to create unique content for their followers. There is nothing as memorable as a story, and who doesn’t love a good story? If you manage to share your brand’s story with your audience, they will not only come back for more but also help spread the word about your product or service. People always want to know what makes you different and how you are able to stand out from the rest!

7. Customer service videos

In today’s digital era, customers have a lot of options when it comes to buying products and services from other websites. The way you interact with the customer will certainly decide whether you will or won’t get a business from them. If your business is about customer service, it’s important to have videos as an extension of your brand. You can also create videos as part of your e-commerce platform where you are dealing with a complicated process or product that customers might not be aware of. With this, you can guide your customers in understanding the use of the product and help them get their desired services easily.


Digital marketing is effective and should be used at the right time to make its best use. Focus on the upcoming trends and eliminate older strategies to evolve and grow in a better way.

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