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Notary Public Dubai – Document notarization is an important task to do. If you have any type of legal documents. Notarization is a procedure that evaluates the legality of any document. It assures the legality of a document and prevents different types of frauds. That are committed using illegal documents. When any type of contract is notarized, it assures the authenticity of different parties engaged in the contract. Notary public Dubai is a government official under. Which a group of companies provides private and public notary services. HHS Lawyers is one such company.

The Process of Notarization – Notary Public Dubai

One can get any document notarized with the help of public or private notaries in Dubai. The process of notarization used to be lengthy and time taking. However, some private notaries in Dubai have made the procedure quite easy. Generally, the following steps are included in the notarization of a document in Dubai;

  1. One needs to schedule an appointment with a public or private notary service in Dubai to begin the process of notarization.
  2. Once the process is started. The notary will review the document for confirmation of its originality no matter, what type of document it is. In case if the document is not found to be original. The notarization of the document will be canceled. The notary will also make sure that no illegal clause is mentioned on the document before the notarization.
  3. Other than verifying the originality of the document. The notary will also validate if the document really belongs to the person applying for its notarization. The identity of the person will be verified and cross-checked with the application of document notarization. If this fact is not validated, the notarization of the document will not be performed.
  4. The notary public Dubai will only notarize the original copy of the document. Duplicate copies of documents are not accepted by the notary.
  5. Notary will require a white copy of the document to make a unique copy of it. Document with colored copy will be rejected.
  6. The notary will then create a certified notarial copy of the document. The copy will be signed and stamped proving the originality of the document.
  7. The authorities will then wind up the process of notarization.

Which Document Can Be Notarized?

There are enormous types of documents. That can be notarized using notary public Dubai services such as;

  • Special power of attorney
  • General power of attorney
  • Private employment contracts
  • Mortgage contracts
  • Declarations
  • Purchase or sale contracts
  • Service agent contracts
  • Reconciliation contracts, settlements, or several memoranda
  • Birth or marriage certificates
  • Diploma or degree certificates
  • Provisional certificate
  • School or college certificate
  • Nursing certificate
  • Commercial certificate
  • Experience certificate
  • Police clearance certificate

Why should I Notarize a Document?

Getting a legal document notarized brings the following great benefits with it;

  • When a document is notarized, it vanishes the doubts of its illegality. A notarized document can never be rejected on any platform.
  • Notarization of documents by notary public Dubai minimizes the prevalence of fraud. Notarization of the document saves both the individuals and the state from fraud through fake documents.
  • When presenting a document in court, the stamp of notarization acts as a witness of the document’s originality and eliminates the need for other witnesses for the document.
  • A document that is not notarized is more prone to contract disputes than a document that is notarized.

What if I Lose a Notarized Document?

If someone loses an original copy of a notarized document. There is no need to worry. It is a major advantage of getting a document notarized. That you can apply for a new copy of the notarized document from notary public Dubai at any time. The notary keeps the record of every document. That it notarizes and assures the issuance of a new copy of the notarized document. There is no need to repeat the whole procedure of applying for document notarization. One can simply apply for a copy of the document.

How Much the Process of Document Notarization Costs in Dubai?

The total cost of document notarization by notary public Dubai can range from 100 to 500 DH. And it depends upon the type of document. Which needs to be notarized. Some people might require translated copies of the notarized document. Which can also add a certain price to the total cost.

How can HHS Lawyers Help You?

HHS Lawyers is a private notary firm. That helps people easily get their legal documents notarized at hand. There is a huge list of documents that can be notarized by hiring experts from HHS Lawyers. For additional information about requirements of document notarization. You can consult HHS Lawyers. The experts at HHS Lawyers are available at hand to provide you with enough guidance anytime you need it.

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