Domestic Flights will continue from Monday?

Due to the Corona pandemic, the world economy is going through a very serious situation and its impact is on every country and the business and peoples. The companies providing air travel, whether it is government or private, have lost their income due to Corona Virus pandemic.

Government has now ordered the airlines to start again, some important guidelines have also been given to the airline companies. Which will help in preventing the spread of Corona Pandemic.

Ever since the aviation companies have been locked up, people from all over the world have been bothering to move from one place to another and the airlines were also losing millions of money. At the same time, the government is now preparing the road map for smooth start of domestic aviation companies and re-energizing them.

According to the guidelines, whenever a passenger arrives at the airport, he or she will get his ticket and ID card checked. The CISF staff who is sitting in a glass compartment will check it, then the passenger will be allowed to enter and the passenger’s temperature Will be checked. It is mandatory for passengers to wear masks at all times and social distancing and sanitizing their hands is also compulsory.

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