More Than 190,000 deaths in Africa? Economy Crises in Brazil | Coronavirus latest


Covid19– Pandemic developments around the world more than 3.8 million people have been infected with the coronavirus globally and nearly 270,000 have died. A new study by the World Health Organization (WHO) projects that up to 190,000 people in Africa could die of Covid-19 in the first year.

Mosques in Iran Open for Friday Prayer- Covid19 

If the outbreak is not contained, Iran’s state news agency has said Friday prayers will resume in mosques in 146 cities. Where the infection risk is considered minimal in Afghanistan’s national health minister has tested positive for the Covid19.

The World Bank has approved 400 million dollars in aid to help the country’s shaky economy. Whether the crisis the International Monetary Fund is worried about an economic collapse in Brazil.

The country went through a major recession in 2016 and has just begun to stabilize. The current Covid-19 pandemic is threatening a full recovery from up here.

The city of Rio de Janeiro under locked down with tens of thousands infected with Covid19 and 600 dying every day and yet the government wants to shut down to end warning of an economic collapse.

Brazil’s economic Minister Said About Economic Collapse Due to Coronavirus

Brazil’s economic Minister is worried although we a reported the population and everyone has the resources what is the use of that. If within 30 days the lights go out we’re running out of food and our national production is stopped.

Therefore the warning the IMF gave is very important within about 30 days. There may be shortages in stores leading to a system of economic collapse and social disorder with a country worried. Some hope from above and a plea for people to at least wear masks.

Well the Covid19 crisis has also inspired people to be more innovative to deal with some of the challenges that the pandemic is posed companies are adapting to changing demands the US company hatch exhibits have gone from building tradeshow booths to protective equipment for health care workers facing a dire shortage amid

The pandemic the machines that hatch exhibits are running again. Chris said, who is the owner of an IT company is happy to have all his people back at work. His company normally makes displays and pop-up exhibition booths for clients like YouTube or Google. But all their projects got canceled, so now they are producing medical gowns and face shields.

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