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Effective Ways to improve your websites bounce rate


Hi, Readers, today we are going to tell you, very important information about the bounce rate. As per Google, a bounce rate in the 25 to 41 percent is excellent. 42 to 56 percent is roughly average. 57 to 70 percent is higher than average. Many of newbies not aware about the bounce back rate and this is the most important part, if you are looking for the google ranking. Google doesn’t like the high bounce rate. But don’t worry, we always their for help. So just read the article full and it will sure help you. So first, we have to know about the “what is bounce rate?”. Let’s Get started.

Bounce rate is that the share of web site guests that land on your web site and leave before viewing a second page. You can simply verify your website’s bounce rate by putting in Google Analytics. Now, if you’re thinking this isn’t such a big deal and that as long as they visit your website, irrespective of how long they spend on it or how many pages they view, they at least know your business exists, that’s not good enough. The longer visitors stay on your site, the more time you have to turn them into subscribers and customers. But however are you able to persuade users to stay around longer and visit a lot of pages? Luckily, there square measure variety of straightforward and free ways in which to boost your website’s bounce rate and grow your business.

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Here we have effective ways to improve your websites Bounce Rate.

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Create content consistently

Creating content systematically is one among the most effective ways. In which to stay users around longer and find them to look at multiple pages. If you have a wide array of informative blog posts for them to read. In fact, in step with shoutmeloud.com, companies that published 20+ blog posts per month. Got about 4.5 times more leads than companies. That published zero to four monthly posts. So, produce a content set up that’s consistent and offers one thing for everybody.
Not everyone prefers written content, so include a mixture of formats such as written, video, infographics, audio recordings, and more. Another necessary tip for your content: observe effective internal linking. Relevant and helpful internal links wet throughout your content will guide users to a lot of of your awful content and keep them reading.

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Beautiful Images & Informative Videos

Speaking of a mix of formats, to improve your website’s bounce rate, be sure you add eye-catching images and videos to your website. Many users won’t pay plenty of your time reading your web site content, so you need to grab their attention with images and videos. Add an outsized high-quality image or video to your homepage to grab the eye of viewers as presently as they see your web site. Most websites try this whereas keeping everything else on the page easy, just like the Panera web site as an example. If you don’t have the suggests that to rent a lensman, you can find a ton of stunning, free stock images on a site like Unsplash.

Keep Check your Website loading Speed

You may not have realised it before however your web site speed is vital for up your website’s bounce rate. In fact, in step with Google, 53 percent of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. And for each additional second that your page takes to load, the probability of users bouncing dramatically increases. So, don’t make your website visitors wait. You can use a site like GTmetrix to test the speed of your site. Not only will it tell you what your site speed is, but it’ll also give you advice for improving it. If you’re running your web site on WordPress, it would also be wise to download and install some free plugins like WP Smush and W3 Total Cache to help boost the speediness of your site.

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Split Testing or Bucket Testing

As you’re making an attempt to boost your website’s bounce rate, don’t leave it up to chance.You should be Split Testing or Bucket testing everything in order to determine what’s working and what’s not. You might be shocked by the tiny things that may cause users to abandon your web site. It might even be one thing as easy because the color of your call-to-action button. So, perform Split Testing or Bucket testing, of every aspect of your website.

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Capture abandon visitors

If you don’t begin to boost your bounce rate currently, that’s a lot of potential leads and customers your business is missing out on. One effective thanks to stop those users in their tracks and find them to remain on your web site longer, and eventually convert them into subscribers or customers is by utilizing exit-intent popups. Exit-intent popups square measure ready to track once a user is getting ready to leave your web site and send them a targeted message at precisely the right time. Your popup will encourage web site guests to subscribe your email list, transfer your lead magnet, or perhapssupply a reduction if they purchase.


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