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FaceApp explained: What is this AI app and the privacy concerns raised around it | Explained News, Letmethink.in.


What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is the latest to go viral and also create some news. This smartphone app uses artificial intelligence to let users turn themselves into their old self version. But the app has raised some privacy concerns as well.


It is the latest viral app over on internet and also making some news and gossips around the world. This app is launch all over the world in two platform “ios and Android” version. It’s Launch in Two version Basic and Pro. If we talk about its pro version, you have to pay higher amount for the same but basic version is free for all. You can download the same from AppStore for Apple user and Google play for android users.

If you see the basic version, you will found 21 fun & free filters. If we talk the Pro Version you can found 28 filters that can change you image just one tap. Its really impressive app, their editing technology is very advance. It can take you into the future, where you can see your older age version and how’s you look.

Lots of Celebrity post their photos on social media with their old age photos and its going viral, viral everywhere. #FaceApp hashtage is trending on Twitter and also on Facebook.  Many of user sharing their pic with hashtags. Its really enjoying moment for all.


FaceApp Initial Launch – 2017

It’s Initially launch in year of 2017 by IT startup in Russia by Wireless LAB. Over on iPhone version later it also launched on android platform. It’s Founder name is Yaroslav Goncharov is software Developer from Russia. He started his career with Infomind in October 1998 to March 2001. After that he work for Microsoft as Technical Lead from December 2003 to February 2006, After taking experience from Microsoft he joined the SPB Software as CTO From March 2006 to November 2011. After he joined Yandex as Head of Mobile Platform Department and left the same in December 2013. After one year he make a startup  namely Wireless Lab and currently he is the CEO of the company and also founder of the company.

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What this app do for you?

This app using artificial intelligence, it uses some filter to you and when tap once you can see your younger image converted to older version. It can also provides you the adds on  like smiles or beard. But the old age filter is better once and it is the main reason people was engaging with this app. People want to look their old age version and how will they look in older age.


Is this app is security breach?

We heard about lots of news comes out globally that. Its not good for anyone In terms of privacy or security, due to its user agreement. Simple way, if you uploaded your image on FaceApp, you will give them license a authority  to FaceApp and they will use your any uploaded image without any further authorization from your side.


But if we talk about others apps they already spying you, using your data and all from your smartphone. So what is wrong, if FaceApp do same thing. The thing is that as many people from US Senator calls FBI to take a investigation on FaceApp, according to senator,this app is made for spying Americans by Russian Intelligence and all data of user phone is sent to Russian servers.

What is user Agreement in FaceApp.

If you download this app. First you just have to agree their Terms and condition and privacy policy. We know all android user and ios user do this step. Whenever, we download any app from play store or ios. It’s necessary as accordance to law. But we never ever notice the whole agreement or not read the full page of agreement and we just think that, it’s the normal process.


In their terms and service user agreement company clearly mentioned that they will use their uploaded images to commercial purpose if required. So what is the issue in that, I don’t think so any. But in a simple way, If Barack Obama uses the FaceApp and upload his image on the same. FaceApp have right to use Barack Obama Pic for their promotion or anything else.

Note- I am big fan of Barack Obama Sir and this is the only a example. So please don’t think me wrong. He is my idol and idol for everyone.

What user say about it – FaceApp

User response for this app is very good, you can say excellent, if we see on Google play store. You can see FaceApp ratings 5 out 4.5 with 18, 59, 040 votes.  App store ratings is also excellent – 5 out 4.8 with 8, 35, 630 votes. We talk about several people in India and they are using it too much and many people make challenge on the same. Who cares, if company want to use your photos in commercial purpose, May be you will become famous or brand ambassador of the FaceApp.

Below is the user rating both on ios and android platform.

FaceApp FaceApp

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How to Download and use the FaceApp?

You can download it from two plate forms . Its available on ios and android. If you are android user you just have to go play store and search for the FaceApp, you can see the official FaceaApp appears in the first on list and click on the same and tap on Install After installing the same. Just open the app and give the permission tap in. Now tap on the camera icon take a new photo of yourself and tap on the Gallery icon in the top left to go photos from the gallery. Choose the photo and wait till its loading, once done tap on the age section and apply old filter. You can also applied other filter like young and female or smiley’s.

Respond from FaceApp Makers

Company CEO’s recently told that to media houses that the FaceApp is never store or keep the images of user once it uploaded, it’s automatically deleted from the server after 48 hours. CEO also denied that company will never share the user data to 3rd parties or Russian government.

FaceApp CEO also confirmed that, anyone those who user of FaceApp have right to give request to delete his/her data from FaceApp and company will erase his/her data after getting the app.

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