Glam Up: How To Look Like A Lottery Winner

Hitting the jackpot is a dream that most of us have in common. While there are few chances of us all winning the lottery, we could all prepare for that big day when it comes. A good first step would be to try and look like an Indian lottery winner.

Money brings class and power, and there is something about the Indian royalty that catches everyone’s eyes. It is for this specific reason that you must aim for that Indian glow and glam once you become a lottery winner.

“How do I do that?” you must ask.

You don’t have one reason to tire your brain thinking about that. We are here to load you up with the tips and tricks from the best of both worlds. You will need to amp up your skincare and makeup routine because of Indian glam and glow; both work hand in hand. Ready?

Turmeric is the secret recipe for when you want to look like an Indian lottery winner

Indians swear by turmeric. It is one of the highly versatile spices out there. There are enough science-based explanations saying turmeric has tons of health and beauty benefits. You can consume it regularly as a part of your food and beverages, and you can apply it topically as a mask to not only your body but also your face.

Keep it Natural and Glowy

As you must know already, Indian makeup is always full of glam, but it is never about completely changing your facial features with the help of makeup products. So, keep your face natural looking by applying a light base of foundation, and don’t shy away from that highlighter glow.

Embrace your natural beauty

Like we mentioned earlier, caking up your face with makeup is not a very Indian type of glow. However, if you just embrace your natural beauty along with all of your little imperfections, it would be hard for essentially anyone to match your charm.

Kohl for the eyes

You can never go wrong with not just a little bit but a lot of kohl in your quest to accomplish the Indian glow. Tightly rimmed eyes with the gorgeous black kajal are sure to mesmerize anyone who dares to look into them.

You can smudge them, and they would still look just as pretty, if not more. The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a man, a woman, or even a child, you can rock a kohl-eyed look, and no one would bat an eye.

Say hello to a clean diet

It goes without saying that what you tend to put inside your body shows in your skin. So, it is pretty much self-explanatory that if you are willing to look fresh and healthy, you must embrace a clean diet, preferably a vegetarian one.

Yoga for the long-run

Indians have a holistic approach when it comes to beauty. This explains the roots of yoga in this incredible country. Making yoga a crucial part of your lifestyle will not only give you an instant glow but take care of your health as well. You must give it a try.

Red lips are always in

Moving from the glow to the glam, it is important we talk about red lips. They are a very important part of every Indian woman’s makeup kit. Red lips are always in trend, all across the world. So, find your shade, and don’t shy away from applying it every now and then. There is no perfect occasion for painting your lips red.

Start a love affair with the Desi Ghee

Desi Ghee or pure Indian butter has to be your holy grail if you are at all serious about gaining the Indian glow. It is loaded with nutrients that aid supple skin. 

You’d slay in a bindi

Even if you don’t know much about the Indian beauty regime, you must still know about bindi. We don’t have to tell you what it is because we expect you to know about it already. So, don’t think twice and put a little bindi in your forehead and be ready to slay. Red and black are both good color options for a bindi.

Sunscreen is your best friend

Befriend the sunscreen and make it a point to wear it every day regardless of whether you are planning to go out in the sun or not. If you do that, you won’t be much far away from glistening skin.

Achieving the Indian glow isn’t much of a struggle. The easiest trick is to be at peace with yourself while you are compassionate to everyone around you. There’s something about that warm and affectionate personality that no amount of skincare and makeup can compete.

We hope that you do put your best foot forward as you win that lottery. Richness will look so good on you, after all.

All the best to you!

Disclaimer – This article is just for informational purposes. is not responsible for any losses or damages. We are not endorsing or promoting Loattary or gambling related products. Persons under 18 years of age are not permitted to gamble. Be safe & ensure your self before going to start gambling or buying any Loattary ticket.

Your Money is Your Responsibility“.

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