Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Grofers, Flipkart, Amazon, Big Basket Closed Due to Covid-19 | News


The situation in the country is getting serious due to the Karona virus, with immediate effect, the Indian government has called for a lockdown across India. Last night, Mr. Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi confirmed this lock-down in his national address. And has requested people to stay in their house for 21 days.

Keeping this in mind, India’s largest e-commerce platform deals with companies such as Flipkart Amazon and Big Basket closes its operation in India.  This news may make you a bit fond, but it is a fact that the delivery service in Amazon Flipkart and Big Basket has been stopped for a few days.

Flipkart – Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company, has also withdrawn its services with immediate effect and its company website is also being out-of-service show.  The management of the company had already decided to discontinue service to Flipkart in view of the Corona Virus.

Big Basket –  Big Basket is an online grocery store that delivers you everything from fruits to vegetables and ration. But now Big Basket has stopped its services due to lockdown and it can only provide you the milk delivery only for the morning. Also, their website is showing down.

Amazon India– Amazon India has stopped its services completely, due to which many pending orders can be either delay or cancel.

Grofers – Grofers is another grocery online store company. It has also stopped its immediate services due to people down and has apologized to customers for delay in pending orders.

Doodhwala.com – Doodhwala.com has also stopped its immediate services. This company used to supply milk, Dahi, Paneer, and Bread, etc. in many cities, which is completely closed, the message shows of Temporary Down is happening on its website.

All these companies have closed their services due to the serious consequences of the virus and due to the guidelines made by the Government of India.

The coronavirus is taking a serious form in India. Which the Indian government has issued a lock-down for 21 days and request to people that stay in their homes and strictly follow the guidelines.

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