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Hollywood Hot Celeb Couple Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Get Married After 20 Years


Hollywood Famous Celebs – Singer Jennifer Lopez married actor Ben Affleck. The Couple got married in Las Vegas, USA. Jennifer, 52-year-old & Ben Affleck 49 Years old in a relationship from the last 20 years. 

In between several times the news has been published about their breakup in the media. The couple got engaged in 2002, but called off the engagement after about a year. But finally they made the decision after 20 years of long relationship. (Read more:- Mega 154: Ravi Teja’s Grand Entry On The Set)

Who is Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez is the famous pop singer also known as JLo. She became the sensation singer of the 90’s. She had a long successful career and made great super hits pop songs in her career.  

Breakup happened once in the journey of 20 years

Lopez and Ben are also married to someone else and they have children from the previous marriage. As per news in the media, they got together last year and started dating each other. After resuming their relationship last year, the two got engaged in April. (Read more:- K2 Comet Closest Approach Response to Earth)

Hairstylist Chris Appletown Friend of Jenifer Share Her Beautiful Photos on Insta

Hairstylist Chris Appletown, a close friend of Jennifer, shared a glimpse of her bridal look on Instagram. 

Also Jennifer Lopez  Talked about her bridal dress, Jennifer Lopez says, “I’m saving it, saving it, saving it and now I’m wearing it on my wedding day.” 

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