How about SPOTOTraining? Is It Reliable?

How about SPOTOTraining?

SPOTO Training Institution is an online education company under Fuzhou SPOTO Network Technology Co., Ltd. It focuses on high-end talent training, employment and technical services in the network field through online means with the accurate positioning of “Internet Education + IT education and training courses”.

So how aboutSPOTOtraining online institution on earth?

SPOTO training mainly includes Cisco Certification ccie lab training and HUAWEICertification. Each course will reasonably help students arrange their learning schedule and have detailed course learning to ensure their learning progress and learning quality.

1. After registration, the head teacher will make detailed course arrangement and provide course schedule and comprehensive and detailed information package.

2. Then there is the instructor’s guidance. There will be a reminder before each class to avoid forgetting the class.

3. After the class, there are online answers from the lecturer. The problems encountered in the class can be completely digested in the lecturer’s answers and will not accumulate into big problems.

4. After class, there is also comprehensive guidance from lecturers and teaching assistants. There is also a one-to-one customized learning plan to help students better digest knowledge.

5. After the course, if you feel you haven’t masteredthe knowledge points, you can learn them again for free.

6. After graduation, students can get the completion certificate, as well as the examination guidance and job recommendation of head teachers and employment teachers. Students can also get a lot of networking resources.

What is the teaching method of Spoto training?

SPOTO training is taught through TencentClassroom Live Broadcast + After-class Q & A. the details are as follows:

1) After class exercises: there must be exercises after each class to test whether they have mastered.

2) After class playback: within 24 hours, TencentClassroom provides classroom live videos.

3) Provide study notes after class.

4) The topic is tailored in combination with the lab test, and the content of the special course includes the knowledge points of the test.

This ensures the effectiveness of the course and the interaction between students and teachers, so as to ensure that students can ask tutors questions in their spare time after class. Establish a good relationship between teachers and students, but also provide a network basis for looking for job hunting in the future.

Finally, I want to talk about the service of SPOTOTraining. It mainly has these service features: whole process tracking service (preview materials before class, class reminder, periodic guidance and evaluation of due diligence of head teachers, lecturers and teaching assistants, and members who meet the evaluation results will receive a learning gift package), 7-day refund without reason (promise to enjoy unconditional full refund within 7 natural days from the date of receiving the service), Recommend employment after graduation (provide employment recommendation services free of charge, and make targeted recommendations according to the specific conditions of students and enterprises), Free rereading (during the service period, students can reread for free. If they don’tpassed the test once, they can continue to receive free service until they pass).

Cloud Lab is also a major teaching feature of SPOTOTraining. It is a practical part of the course. It keeps pace with the times and keeps pace with the current network. You can learn anytime, anywhere, with more small experiments and more reasonable experimental difficulty span. By highly restoring the examination environment, students can have a real feeling in the examination room. And it is open 24 hours, and you can use it at any time.

At present, SPOTO has helped nearly 10000 students successfully obtain Cisco CCNA / CCNP / CCIE Certification and BOOTCAMPPractical Certification. The passing rate of CCIE Certification Exam has always been in the forefront of the whole country. Now, it has helped more than 1000 students pass CCIE Certification Exam and produced more than 100000 IT network talents at home and abroad.

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