How Does a CPU Work? |

How Does a CPU Work? |

Today we get you back into the very important article. That helps you to understand what is CPU and how does a CPU work? Before starting, I brief you about that, this is the very common question. “Oh Man, what are talking about?”.

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But today, a young generation does not have enough time to take a brief overview of the computer because. The student just read computer information for clearing the exams not to gain their knowledge. But as you know. The computer is a very important part of our life. The computer is all around us and they significantly change ways to work. The computer is a combination of hardware and software.

First of all, I tried to give you information about computer parts. Bcoz, if you want to understand how CPU work so first get the information about the CPU parts. So you will able to understand easily how is CPU work?

What is Computer Hardware?

Computer Hardware is the physical parts of a Computer. In which you can see a Monitor, CPU, Mouse, Keyboard, and Headphones. These part are the necessary part of the Computer.  These all have their own uses.

What is the CPU and how it’s work?

CPU is an integral part of Compute. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. Which is carry important chipset and carry the lots sockets to connect other parts?  It’s referring to the brain of the computer you can say. It has an electronic microchip. Its process the data and convert into the information. This will use for data process for meaningful information.

Parts of CPU:

  • ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit
  • CU (Control Unit)
  • Memory Unit

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)

The arithmetic logic unit is a circuit that uses in CPU for the calculation.  It’s responsible for the all arithmetic and logic operation in the CPU and converted into the words. ALU is divided into the two units, 1st is AU (Arithmetic Unit) and 2nd (Logic Unit). This unit work on the processed data provided by Input Devices.

Arithmetic Unit is responsible for the calculation and Logic Unit is responsible for the information correct or incorrect.  ALU is designed by computer scientist for calculation any type of operation internally in CPU. As operation becomes more difficult so it will become more costly and take more space in the CPU  and generate more heat.  But its depend upon the user how powerful CPU, ALU he needs according to his / her work.

Control Unit

Control unit control all unit of works.  Its process the final data and tell the processor to deliver the required information. It’s like to generate the final instructions. It also provides timing and control signals to other units of the CPU. Most of the process is maintained by the CU.

What is the Processor?

Processer is a small piece of chip. That helps to process the data on the computer. Its mainly receive the input and provide the output to the appropriate.  Previously processer is not strong if we compare to present processers. They also big in size but due to changes in the computer technology and innovation the present processor are performing the multitasking in the seconds. It mainly helps to run the application on over the computer. We are using Intel and AMD processors in our computer laptop and tablets.

If you search for the processor, there are lots of varieties available in the market in terms of usage of the user.


Processor available in the Market


  • I3 processor
  • I5 Processor
  • I7 Processor
  • I9 Processor

AMD Ryzen

  • Ryzen3
  • Ryzen 5
  • Ryzen 7

Above said processors are good and best belongs to their categories and configuration. These all perform well, according to the requirements of a user. This processor has its cost as per the market rates. Some belong to a lower budget or above higher in the price segment.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random access memory.  It is also a main part of the CPU. Its main use for store the working data. In simple terms. If you typed an MS word file on your computer and you didn’t give that file any name or not yet save. So this MS word file is stored over on RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is a volatile memory. Means, if you didn’t save your work while working and sudden shut down occurred due to electricity or any other problem. So you can loos your all unsaved data.


Its uses into the all Desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphones. RAM is available in 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB.  Higher RAM if you get for your PC or laptop, more comfort in work you surely get.

So this is the article and you understand “How CPU works?”.

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