How Often Do You Actually Need to Wash Your Face? Here’s What Top Dermatologists Say 

How Often Do You Actually Need to Wash Your Face

Although face washing may seem simple, it actually involves several levels. Choosing the right cleanser for your face and washing it regularly require more than just soap and water. How frequently you wash your face can also have an impact on your appearance. However, failing to cleanse your face on a regular basis can lead to issues such as excessive oiliness, blemishes, and breakouts.

Here’s the lowdown on when you should do it and what you should use.

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How Frequently Should You Wash Your Face?

The idea is to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, to remove any and all bacterial buildup. Because your face is exposed to various impurities throughout the day, washing it at night makes a lot of sense. However, bacteria accumulate on your skin at night, so you must wash it in the morning. Also, washing your face in the morning helps to wake up your skin and prepare it for your morning skincare routine.

If you have sensitive skin that can be damaged by frequent rinsing, limit yourself to face wash once at night. In this situation, you are dealing with the bacteria, dirt, and pollution effects that have accumulated on your skin throughout the day and ensuring that your face remains clean and free of skincare issues. Because the top layer of your skin regenerates at night, keeping it clean and free of dirt and other impurities is critical.

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When You Have Oily or Acne-Prone Skin, How Often Should You Wash?

Over-cleansing is common in people with oily or acne-prone skin. Normally, you shouldn’t wash your face more than twice a day. In fact, doing so may cause your skin to dry out. When this happens, the skin will do whatever it takes to regain moisture. This includes going into overdrive with its sebum production, resulting in more oil and acne than was originally present. If you are in this category, choose a cleanser with hydroxy acids to remove excess oil. Medicated cleansers are also worth considering.

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Combination Skin?

Combo skin types are considered lucky. In this case, you can choose from the available cleansers. Face wash with a gentle formula is still recommended twice a day to remove impurities, deep clean pores, remove makeup, and leave your skin feeling hydrated, fresh, and clean. Don’t forget about foaming cleansers. These can remove oil and are gentle on dry skin.

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Face If You Wear Makeup?

If makeup is not properly removed, it can clog pores and cause breakouts. Makeup users should wash their faces first thing in the morning and then again at night. Remove makeup before cleansing, or double cleanse to ensure all traces are removed.

Over to You

Listen to your skin and wash your face at least twice a day. Something is wrong if it’s red, dry, or exhibits any other symptoms of irritation. In such a case, you should schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. Don’t dismiss professional, personalized advice.

Face washes or cleansers are the first skincare items that come into contact with your skin after removing your makeup, so they must be of high quality and not harm your skin in any way. Use organic, non-comedogenic, gentle, and moisturizing cleansers or face washes to ensure that your face is clean before beginning your skincare routine.

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