How to Block Whatsapp Group in 2021 | 100% Solution with Step By Step Guide

how to block whatsapp group

How to Block Whatsapp Group 2021 – To chat with Friends, Family or Whatsapp Group the free WhatsApp instant messaging application is a must these days. Easy to tame, practical, to send instant messages, photos or call each other on video calling features. It is essential in our daily life. A few steps allow you to optimize its use.

But as with many of these features, there are some disadvantages that happen with users also. As many times peoples are harassed by the group of admin by adding them to unwanted discussion or inappropriate groups.

Most Whatsapp users are not aware that the feature helps people to Block Whatsapp Group easily. In this article we are going to give you a step by step guide which teaches you “How to Block Whatsapp Group?”

Some Easiest Steps to follow for “How to  Block Whatsapp Groups?”.

1. Mute The Group Administrators

Step 1- Go to Whatsapp Group, click on the Group Icon and find the information related to the Group.

Step 2– Find List of Participants and click on the administrator profile name.

Step 3– With the help of the menu, you can view the administrator name and phone number. Scroll Down to end and press “Block & Confirm

2. You can Restrict who can add you to Whatsapp groups

Step 1. Open Whatsapp Group and go to Messenger Setting that press or click “Account”.

Step 2. You have to open “Privacy” and click on the “Group”.

Step 3. If you want complete protection to avoid joining whatsapp groups by unknown users. So you have to just choose  the “Only contacts, except …” & choose contacts by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the screen. After selecting contacts, click on the green button for save.

Please Note :- After applying these steps, you can only join the group by invitation.

3. How to block Whatsapp group without exiting by “Mute” Feature.

There is also a simple way to solve how to block WhatsApp group without exiting or blocking someone. This feature will help you to mute the group for 1 year of duration and this is the most common feature that people use to do.

Step 1. Open Group, those who you want to “MUTE”.

Step 2. You can see the three vertical dots in the right corner near the group name.

Step 3. Click on The Group Icon for “Info”.

Step 4. Tap the “Mute” and select the duration for 8 Hours, 1 Week or 1 Year. After that press ok button for saving the setting.

Please Note:- After Muting the Group, you can still check their activity and messages. But it will not harass you, because you will not get the annoying notifications from the group.

4. “Exit Group” Feature to Help in How to Block Whatsapp Group

Exit Group feature is the simplest feature. That can easily help you in “How to block a group with leaving”. By enabling the “Exit Group” feature, you will not be a part anymore of annoying messages or chats from groups.

Step 1. Open Group- Chats

Step 2. Find Three Vertical Dots in the right corner near the group name.

Step 3.  Tap the Group Info.

Step 4. Scroll Down to the end, you can see “Exit Group” & “Report Group”. Tap on the Exit.

So this is the few of the possible steps to do How To Block Whatsapp Group. Hope you people enjoy the guide. If you do have any suggestion or update, make a comment below & Please don’t forget to share the article with your family or friends.

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Last Updated- 2 January 2021

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