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If you want to rank on Google you need to build backlinks. We all know this it’s hard and that’s why a lot of people pay for but you shouldn’t pay from paying firm is against Google’s policy. It’s a great way to get your site bad it’s short-term. It’s one of the simplest things you can do.

So if you don’t pay for them, how can you build backlinks. So guys, today I’m gonna share with you how you can build backlinks without paying to anyone. The big question is that how do you build backlinks well I’m guessing most of you don’t build them at all andI’m curious all together.

Because there is a really simple way to build backlinks do this it does require hard work I’m not going to tell you that you’re just gonna get these links in the wave a magic wand and do nothing but if you’re willing to do the work it’s not hard to get these backlinks.

What is Backlinks? – Build Backlinks How?

A backlink is the reference link that points to your site from another web page, blog or website. This link gives you the authority and helps you to rank in Google SERP’s.  But make sure you acquire quality backlinks from high authority website gives you a better result in terms of ranking on search engines.

Types of Backlinks?

There is two types of backlinks are formed “DoFollow” or “NoFollow”. These two types of kept a worth in terms of ranking on google. But acquiring “DoFollow Backlink” is more valuable rather than to acquire “NoFollow Backlink”. Because Do-Follow passes the link juice to search bot and No Follow doesn’t pass the same. But these two types of backlinks always matter in the ranking with ratio of 80 (Do-Follow) / 20 (No-Follow).

What is an example of Backlink?

Backlinks are the link that points from another web page or blog to your website. It could be in the form of Anchor link, image or clickable text. For, As many times you notice that many of article placed another web page or reference links to their article in the form of a keyword, anchor text and due to which, you can able to click them and get it into another web page or website.

What does a Backlink do?

A backlink is very important factor in terms of ranking on Google. If you have a strong backlink, so Google gives you the authority or you can say priority in the SERP ranking. If you want to improve your ranking in Google so you have to create a high authority backlink point to your website.  

What is a good quality backlink?

If you acquire a backlink from the High DA/PA website those who already ranked in Google and those who have thousand of backlinks too. So you will get high-quality authority equal to the same. High DA/PA site has always a great trust score from Google Search. That’s why experts always consider getting the backlink from the High DA/PA website because they have a good quality score and ranking.

So above mentioned question and answers are to make you aware of backlinks. Below is the full detail about how can you get backlinks for your website.

Step 1

I want you to head over to Ubersuggest. It’s a free link building tool that created for a blogger or digital marketer. Go to UberSuggest and in the search bar put in your competitor URL.  It’ll show you all the people that link to your competitors within there.

If you want to search for the pages that they have that are the most popular. It’ll show you that you can see all the links that people are pointing to other than their home page and through the backlinks report. You can also see that you can see the backlink for the whole domain a specific URL and when you find the right articles that are the competition’s going after you want to look at the backlink count for that URL.

Now if you’re struggling to find really good pages another easy thing you can do is when you’re already in the backlinks report. You can also see the top pages of your competitor and it’ll show you the top pages that your competitors are riding organic traffic.

There it’ll show you every single person that’s linking to the article. After getting the list from this tool you can start building a link to these sites. It’s very easy to get a backlink for free while analyzing your competitor.

Step 2

Whatever that article is that your competitors wrote that’s similar related to your industry. We have to write a better version of that article. As we know if it’s a thousand words we want you to make it five thousand words. Yes, we know that sound crazy cars a lot of work but going down and I’m not talking about just showing in keywords and making it long for the sake of it I’m talking about great amazing content in detail and what your competitor miss it from it.

I’ll try to go even more in-depth than that and when you go stat in-depth you’ll also find that hey your article is so thorough that when someone reads it they’re gonna get better instructions. If you create better content than other people. Whether it’s images videos that you also want to add to your articles whether it’s having a custom design there and create graphics for you all that adds up you want your content to be better this is the most important part of the stuff.

Note- This step the second one is the most important.

Step 3

Now, the last step you need to take you need to email out everyone linking to your competition and break down why your articles better. This is the most effective way to build backlinks. Many experts blogger and Digital marketers do this trick to build backlinks. But the real key is to do custom e-mails. So, for example, if someone links to my article.  Basically, it’s reaching publishers those who are industry linkers. They already have expertise in link building. Articles associated with your content. They’re usually receptive, as they need already shown interest in a few certain topics within the past.

How to find linkers in your industry:

  • Analyze the websites or blogs linking to your competitors’ content that’s similar to yours. Use link research tools like Ahrefs or Moz Open Site Explorer.
  • You can use Buzz Sumo to see who is sharing their content related to your topic on social media.
Email – Outreach Template: Example

Subject: Hey [First Name]!

Hey [First Name],

Saw your post on [Topic], and noticed that you’ve shared [competitors’ name and topic].

Just thought that this piece on [the topic of your content, and how it differs from your competitor’s] I recently published might be valuable to your readers/followers as well.

[insert link to your content]

Thanks, [First Name]!

[Your Name]

The approach can also work on promoting your content to your own followers who have shared or linked to your other content in the past.

So the above-mentioned step helps you to build free backlinks. I hope you easily get my point. If you enjoy it, I would really appreciate it. If you also link to it that kind of stuff is more effective takes more time.

But it works that’s how you build links without paying for. It most of it is manual labor on your end and that’s why a lot of people don’t have links is because they don’t want to take the time to build all those links. It’s just so time-consuming with you if you’re willing to do that you’ll outpace your competition rank higher and gobble up their traffic.

It’s a better approach it’s a long term approach that doesn’t get caught in shady gray hat tactics. Like it shares it tell other people about it thank you for reading my article on “build backlinks”. Like and share and keep exploring my website.


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