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How to do pinterest seo

This is Atul from Letmethink.in. Today we’re talking about Pinterest SEO. Where you need to have all of your keywords on your Pinterest profile as a blogger. We’re not talking about affiliate marketing today, but this can also be used. If you have an affiliate marketing profile that you add products to directly you can use these tips as well. This is mainly for bloggers the first thing you need to do of course is to have rich pins enabled for your Pinterest account. That these tips can really you know working sink and take effect and really help you drive traffic. So let’s get started.

pinterest seo

Step- 1 – Place keywords on your profiles (Pinterest SEO)

The first place you want to have your keywords on your profile is in your business name. Next you want to have it in your this your about Me section.

Step – 2 – Make about me section

Click to settings, just click on your image and settings then you have to scroll down. Where it says profile and this is where you can add in your keywords. Edit your profile. Add it into the about you section these are the keywords. That Pinterest is gonna rank your profile for and they’re gonna rank your pins according to your keywords.

Step – 3 – Make your board name according to keywords

The next place you want to have your keywords are in your board names any new board descriptions. Whatever you name your board you’re gonna have recommended searches. That people are searching for and you can gather those keywords and add them in your port description. It’s also shows you the amount of monthly searches, each keyword gets on Pinterest. So you need to have any new board names. let’s go back in the name of the board and in the boards description for your board to be able to rank now of course. When you create a Pinterest profile and you add your keywords in your profile name in your about you section. Those keywords that you’re adding you need to create boards for them so that your profile rank is higher.


like if you have make money blogging make money online you need to have boards on your profile. That are called make money blogging make money online work from home Pinterest SEO.

Step – 4 – Where to pick stuffs

Now let’s learn where you know, the real stuff happens and that is on your blog post. Itself First create the post and choose keyword How to make money online note main keywords here are ways to make money on online. Now you need to have that in the title of your blog post, you also need to have it in the link of the blog post. So that, it works you know to that your post actually ranks on Pinterest. Need to have, it’s not necessarily in the categories. But it’s good practice is to have your keywords to save your blog posts to the right categories. So that they rank in Google.

pinterest seo

Now let’s scroll down to where you’re supposed to have your keywords. Next and that is in your images alt text. So, if we go ahead and click on that and then I open this up. So the keywords, that I’m after are ways to make money online. Now as you can see here I’ve added my keywords in here and when I do save this image to Pinterest my keywords are going to be in the image as well and on the image now Pinterest does not RC your image the Pinterest. Bots they do not see your image but they do read the alt text of the image. They have some sort of. I don’t know what to be able to read the words on the image as well, so whatever keywords you have in your alt text and on the title of your blog post you need to have it written on the image.

Meta Description

As well the last place you want to have your keywords are in your meta tags. You need to have Yoast SEO installed on your blog. So that you would be able to add your keywords in your meta description. Now here we have our keywords How to make money online. This keywords are in the description of our blog post so, if we go ahead and and we went back, next when we want to save the pin to our boards on Pinterest. You need to find relevant boards, now this is really important to be able to rank your pins higher and pinch your search. You need to find a board that is relevant. That has your keywords like make money online. We have to locate a board called make money online and we gonna save this pin to. It’s so now we see what the pin is going to look like okay let’s go ahead. See it now so that you get in a clear idea.

because we do have rich pins installed rich pins is gonna pull in the title of your blog post your meta description that we talked about. It’s has your keywords in them and look at what happens. It’s also pulls in the alt text of your image as well now my alt text was How to make money online and that’s what that’s exactly what. It pulled in, so if we go to to Pinterest and we typed in How to make money online let’s see what’s gonna happen. It will show in the search results, why because, we followed all of the required. Our opinion showed up, first for those particular keywords. So Pinterest is a search engine and it’s all about keywords. That’s why you need to do your SEO correctly.


Pinterest search results, really help to grow your blog / website traffic. That’s why you need to think about your pinning strategy. When you create pins to pin them to Pinterest. It’s really important to pay attention to your Pinterest SEO. Before you create your content and you also need to get keywords from Pinterest. That people are searching for to pin them to be able to get traffic back to your to your blog post or website.

So, I hope this articles helped you guys and if you liked the articles please, leave a comment let me know what you think and don’t forget to stay awesome till next time guys.




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