How to Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile In 2021 | Beginner Guide

Earning online is not easy as people think, It will take time and planning. In this article, we will going to share “how to earn money without investment through mobile“. Yes, you can also earn online through mobiles very easily. It is just a matter of applying a little mind. Millions of people are using internet via smartphones. Due to which, earning possibilities through mobiles phones are also be increased.

Nowadays, there are many online platforms. On which you can go and earn money. Today, I will give you ways to  earn earn online through your mobile, from anywhere, anytime. If you are very much interested to earn money online through your mobile. So, below are the some best ways to start your online earning journey.

Top Ways To Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile In 2021

1. Mobile Trading 

How to Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile

You can do mobile trading very easily. As this one of the popular method to that can easily solved your question about “how to earn money without investment through mobile”. For this, any kind of trading app can downloaded in your mobile phone. Let me tell you about “Binamo Trading App” as an example. It also has the demo account available. Where you can trade virtual money on the real market. The feature is really handy.

Many brokers have it out there. But the good thing is that, you don’t need to pay anything to use it. You don’t need to create a paid account. You don’t need to put any money on the Binamo account to trade demo, it’s completely free.

Special Remarks-

I, would say that Binamo is definitely a pretty decent broker that is definitely. Worth attention. It also does have the iOS and Android application. Which is handy when you are not at your computer.

And you know that the market is pretty active at the moment. When you have some spare time and you can go ahead and make a couple trades from your mobile phone.

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2. Earn Money From YouTube

How to Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile

Yes, you can also do house sitting on YouTube. You can earn by vlogging on YouTube. You can make videos on content like entertainment, tech, viral news, roasting on YouTube. If you think that as soon as you make a video on YouTube, your earning will start. But there is nothing like that. On platforms like YouTube it takes some time to grow.

But when you make a video on YouTube, that video was made. After that you can apply for joining YouTube’s YPP affiliate program. If you also want to join YPP, then your YouTube fan following should be good. You must have at least 1000 visitors to join YPP.

After this process you should register your Google AdSense account. After completing all these formalities, you can start earning money from Google Ads and sponsoring brands.

3. Earn Money As a Tutor 

In today’s modern era, you will find many ways to earn online. One of which is Online tuition, you can also get good income by becoming a tutor. Not sure a way to begin as an internet tutor? This bit-by-bit guide for turning into a knowledgeable tutor can provide you with some ideas on a way to begin your own tutoring business.

The online tutoring business is developing thus quickly with the assistance of technological innovations and intensive usage of the net. each folk and students area unit enjoying the web learning experiences to accomplish their potential.

It has become an associate advent avenue to start out and build a business out of it, each for lecturers and professionals.  Of course, it’s difficult to only begin tutoring on-line. You’ll like correct online tutoring platforms. In this way you can get income online as a tutor.

4. Make Taka Tak Short Video

how to earn money without investment through mobile

If you too can do it through your mobile through any online platform. One of these is, Taka Tak can earn money by making short videos. If you also like this Or not. I will tell you some such tips and tricks, by which you are also earning money from such apps. Taka Tak was most recently Launched. With which it is bringing new plans to increase its users. If you want to make a video on MX Taka Tak.

Then by mailing Taka Tak’s official email. You will tell Taka Tak about your content. If a Taka Tak official likes your content. So, you can earn on this app. And by creating your own videos, you can increase your users and fan following.

You can also do marketing through Taka Tak. With which you can enlarge your earnings. You promote through other products in your videos through this web linking. From the link given by you, any users are redirected to that link.

Then you have to earn from it. For example, in your own video, a link to a phone is given. And a user goes through that link and buys that mobile phone. So you get his profit share.

5. App Promotion – How To Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile

how to earn money without investment through mobile

App promotion is a great way to earn money sitting at home. This process is very easy and you can do it very easily. This is the most common way to earn. In this way, many companies decrease per install per app. You can do this process in many ways. Whichever app you want to promote. You can promote that app through its display ad.

You can promote the app through the link included in any of your right content. You can promote many apps. There are many apps like Gigwalk, Mobee, Uber and Lyft that you can promote.

In the example of Google Pay app, for example, I tell you how you can earn from home. First you download this app on your mobile phone or you already have this app on your smartphone. If you register on this you will get your referral code from which you can earn money by sharing with your family members and friends.

6. Online Survey – Online Form Filling Work 

how to earn money without investment through mobile

Online survey form filling work is one of the most popular among the online earning across the globe. Most of the students earn through this platform easily.

This is the one of the simple and easy to understand Earning sources that you can operate from anywhere anytime you just need a laptop or mobile internet connection. You can earn more than ten twenty dollars per day depending upon you. 

As the world becomes modern, so is the way to earn money. Today, you can make a good income by doing an online survey. Today I will tell you about some such sites. On which you can get income by surveying. Which pays you for the survey. Like, YouGov India, Swagbuks, Prize Rebel, Paidviewpiont.

You do not need to be more skilled and experienced to do this task, freshers can also do it. You can do this task anytime and anywhere. You will be your own boss in this task. You can work according to your wish.

7. Blogging – How To Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile

how to earn money without investment through mobile

Blogging is the primary popular segment in online money earning. This is one of the best ligament techniques to earn thousands of dollars from Google. For earning through a blog you just need a website. In which, you can make content or informational things, which people search for.

Some Important things starting blogging:-

  • Identify your niche or topic
  • You just have to spend some money to make a blog.(like Domain Name, Hosting and Premium theme.
  • After identifying your niche or topic you just have 30 to 40 blog posts and promoting or SEO of the same.
  • Content marketing and SEO will take a long time due to which you have to wait for organic traffic.
  • After getting sufficient organic traffic you can apply for Google AdSense.
  • If you comply with Google AdSense policy so you will get approval mail in 12 to 14 days accordingly.
  • After getting successful approval, google will place ads on your blog or website. Afterwards people click on the ads and you will earn money from it.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online. In this way you can get good income from e-commerce websites. This is a good way to earn 1000 dollars from e-commerce companies.

You can take your profit share by giving links to good and attractive products in your blogs. This method is the easiest way to earn online. With which you can take your commission by selling the product. Many companies sell their products such as gadgets, electronics and more. All these offers you can promote as joining their affiliate programs.

To join this affiliate program, you first have to sign up and register by filling the affiliate program form. With which you will get affiliate links of these products, which you can put in your blogs and social media platform.

FAQ – How To Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile In 2021

1. Which app is best for earn money without investment?

Ans: Binamo is one of the best app to earn money without investment. As they are offering you the 100$ credit in your account in first time registration. You can use this amount for online trading. 

2. How can I make money on my phone without investment?

Ans: There are various method, which can help you in making money from your phone. You can start your YouTube channel after comply with YouTube monetizing policy, you can earn handsome income. Photography is another method that also free, you just have creativity in photography. There various app available on internet, which helps you to take high quality images via simple smartphone. Afterwards, you can sale your photographs to website like

  • Getty Images.
  • Shutterstock.
  • iStock etc.

3. How Can I Earn From Zero Investment?

Ans. You can promote affiliate products through social media platform. You can take help of Pinterest. Just learn the Pinterest SEO techniques, which is available on YouTube for free. Pinterest will help you to get free leads and sales. This is one of the best online earning methods, completely free.

4. How Can I Make $100 a Day?

Ans. You can make $100 a day with these methods like Blogging, Vlogging, Selling Digital Product, App Promotions, Affiliate Marketing, etc. 


Hope you understand How to Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile. There are more other ways to earn online. Without investment there is nothing. If you want to start earning money online, you have to apply the above mentioned things and most important patience is needed, because success always checks your patience.

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