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How to make Ecommerce website

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Hello guys, this is Atul from letmethink.in , today I’m going to tell you in this article, How to make Ecommerce website from start to finish. First, let’s see the website, we are gonna build, so here it is, after reading this article, you’ll be able to make a website & able to pay you through your website and buy products from your site. so let’s get started.

it’s going to be very simple here you can learn How to make Ecommerce website in 9 steps.


How to make E-Commerce website

How to make ECommerce website

Step- 1 (Choose Website name & hosting)

To launch your website now this is where we get a new website live on the Internet, so to launch your website we are going to do in three steps:-

  1. Choose your website name.
  2. Get your hosting and domain.
  3. Install WordPress, this is the tool we can use it to build our e-commerce website

Note:- You can buy your domain name & hosting from Godaddy.com. It’s so simple to connect domain and hosting together, if you buy from the same provider.

how to make E-Commerce website

Step – 2 (Install WordPress & Themes)

Start building goes to the login page of your website. Enter the login details, which is selected for WordPress you and then you can control your website. Once you have logged in. Install a theme in WordPress you can choose theme called Astra. Click add new theme and in search for a team called Astra. Click install you and then activate the theme. Select Elementor, which will make it easier for you to edit your site. In future. So we’ll select that you and as we are going to build an e-commerce site. Just click E-Commerce and then choose this site called the brand store. Let’s click preview in which you can see how’s your site will be look like.

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Step – 3 (Create Store of your products)

In this section, in which we learn, how you can start using this E-Commerce site. Start using our e-commerce site. We are going to first set up our store now store is the place where your customers can see your products and then purchase them. Once we set up your store your site will have your own products and your visitors will be able to buy those products.

Set up our store to do in four steps.

  1. The first step is to delete all of these sample products so to delete them.
  2. Add your own product now to add your own product to your products page and click add.
  3. Add your product image, to add an image just click set product image you and in drag and drop your image from your computer.
  4. Next step of setting up our store which is to change our currency. Just go to your dashboard and then go to commerce and click settings. This is where you can change all the settings related to your store. To change your currency. Just click here and then type India and select this option now click Save Changes.

Step – 4 (Set Payment Method)

Fourth step, which is to set up our payment method. In order to allow your customers to pay for your products you need to set up your payment method. So to set it up they are going to create a free account on a website called insta mojo. Once you create this account, you’ll be able to receive payments directly to your bank account.

now once you reach here you need to enter your bank details where you want to receive your payments so you need to enter your bank’s account number and then click find IFC now select your bank details and click use so now when someone buys a product from your site that money will be sent to this account.


Step – 5 (Connect Bank account to your Site)

Here we learn, how do you connect your account with your website. To connected let’s go to our WordPress dashboard and then go to plugins and click add new. Now we need to install the instrument plugin on our website. Just search for install module you and you’ll get this plugin, to install, it just click install and click activate click Save Changes your install move account will be connected with your website so this means our payment setup is now complete.

Step – 6 (Customer Order Dashboard)

How your customer can view their order after making a purchase. So let’s go to the customer’s inbox, now once a customer has ordered a product from your site their account will be automatically created. If the customer goes to their inbox, they’ll get one email with the order details and another email with the details of their account. So, if we open this email here you can see that the customer has got the password, which they can use to log into your site. Afterward, placing an order if the customer wishes to login back to your site, all they have to do is go to your site and click account and now they’ll be able to login back to your site.

So let’s go back to the inbox and then copy this password and pasted here and now, if they click login now the customer can view all of their orders. They are placed on your site. So now, we have successfully completed setting up our store and this means. Anyone who is visiting your site will now be able to buy your products.

Step – 7 (Change look of the website)

Here, I will tell you how we can change the look of your website.  Go to website home page so first, how we can edit the contents of our pages. Now let’s say you want to change this text how do we do that now to edit any page of your site. Just make sure you’re on that page and click Edit with element or you and now it’ll take you to this editing section. You want to change this text all you have to do is just select that text and then start typing anything you want to. if you want to change the text on this button you just select that text. Then enter your own text so the same way you can edit any text you want on this page just select the text and then start typing.

Next, let’s say you want to change this image to change. The image all you have to do is just click here then make sure you’re on the style tab. Select the image you want to change and then drag and drop your image and as you can see the image has been changed.

Step -8 (How to show your products on the home page of the website)

Next, if you want to show your products on your home page. Now, I will teach you, how we can add products like this to your home page. To add products to your homepage. You have to do is just go to your dashboard then go to products & have added to your site now to display any of these products on your home page. All you have to do is click the star button next to your product. After that, the products you selected now appears on our homepage so this is how you can add your products to your homepage you.


Step – 9 (Change your Logo or Menu)

so next let’s tell about how you can change your logo. Now to change this logo just click customize you and you’ll find these blue icons. Next to the items you can change. To change this logo all you have to do are click this blue icon next to it. Now you can change your logo. You are near to know How to make Ecommerce website. Well keep it up.

Change your menu

Now to change your menu, all you have to do is just click here and then click Edit menu. Once you’re here if you want to remove any page from your menu and just click here and click remove you and the page will be removed from your menu. So this is how you can change the look of your website.

Now we have a complete E-Commerce site which, we made in just a few minutes to make your e-commerce site. Then set up your store and then finally change the look of your website, that’s it guys this is how we can build your e-commerce site in just a few minutes. In this article, you learn How to make Ecommerce website. Hope you enjoy this post.

I’ll see you in the next article bye-bye.

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