How To Make Money In India for Students 2021 | Beginner Guide & Secrets

How to make money in India for Students

Making money online as a student is not quite as difficult or easy. There are various sources who give you the overview on “how to make money in India for students”. But we never ever make a single penny with this kind of article or vlogs. This is hard to know, but the truth, that there is no simple way to earn money online. Without making any efforts or hard work, there is no chance to earn money.

But why 99% students failed to make money and why only 1% students succeed in the same. In this article, we are going through some proven techniques and ways that could be life changing for you and also helps you to understand How To Make Money In India For Students.

Money can be earned only, when we understand the importance of money. Student life is very full of expectations, all of us are full of craving for money in student life and are in search of means to earn money quickly.

Top Ways To Make Money In India For Students

1. Blogging – Make Money From Blog

How to make money in India for Students

Blogging is one of the easy ways to earn money online. If you have knowledge about any topic and love to write. So you can turn these things into money making machines easily. You just have to make a website and select a topic. Making a blogging website is easy, if you have any little bit knowledge about WordPress. It is a free platform, which helps you to make websites or blogs.

Now, the first thing you need to do when starting a blog is decide which topics you’ll be blogging about. In other words, what will be your niche or topic?

Choose a Topic or Niche for Your Blog 

How to make money in India for Students

As we are and often make a mistake thinking about niches. It’s easy to start a blog about whatever you experience in life, or about your hobbies and not giving a thought about whether or not this is a profitable topic.

But if you plan to actually make money with your blog, I recommend you research on most profitable blogging niches in 2021.

Some Niches That You Can Choose For Work

  • Gadget Updates & Buying Guide
  • Software Reviews
  • Make Money Ideas
  • Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Dating & Romance
  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Biography – Famous Persons Biography 
  • Government Jobs
  • Bank IFSC/Micr Codes
  • Customer Care Numbers
  • Parenting
  • Travel
  • Photography

If you are still confused about choosing the right niche for your blog or website. You can check Pinterest. It will help you to find niche websites, those who give you the idea for helping in making a successful blog. You can also take help of Pinterest trending topic tools. Which will help you to get as much traffic & ideas to make articles.

Choosing the Right or Attractive Domain Name & Server Hosting For Your Blog

How to make money in India for Students

Most of us newbies make mistakes in choosing the right domain for them. A common rule that bloggers should keep in their mind, whenever you go to buy a domain, it contains the main topic or keyword in the same and also it could be easy to remember.

Things to know before buying any domain name;

  • Not buy any domain name which includes numbers, special characters or adult sentences.
  • Always try to buy a domain name which has .com (TLD).
  • Don’t use misspelled key phrases in the domain name. It will create confusion in the mind of visitors and they will redirect to somewhere else.

 Web Hosting – For running a successful blog, you have to choose the right web hosting from 3rd party. Which is mostly paid. Many Web Hosting providers provide the service low to high.

It’s up to you and depends upon your pocket. For beginners, the best option is Godaddy, Hostinger & Resellerclub. Which offers you the web hosting starting from 199 per month. Their plans are the most affordable for beginners, and also you can get 24-hour support through chat or call.

Connecting & Installing WordPress – How to make money in India for Students

How to make money in India for Students

Once you choose the right domain name and hosting. The first thing to connect the domain with hosting. It will hardly take 12hr to 24hr to connect with each other. Afterwards, install a WordPress on your domain. 

Connecting Domains with hosting servers is easy. You can follow YouTube videos to learn how you can connect domain and hosting. Also you can take an overview “how to install WordPress on domain name”. We recommend you to choose WordPress as it is a highly usable and popular content management application. Which is open source and free. It has a simple configuration and editing function that anybody can manage.

Please note that you don’t need any special coding knowledge. It is very easy, there are various YouTube tutorials in multiple languages that help you in this.

Make Your Blog Attractive, Smooth & SEO Friendly with a WordPress Theme

How to make money in India for Students

If your blog is attractive and smooth, it could be great for visitors and for visibility online. Looks mostly depend on the WordPress theme. There are multiple open source themes available on WordPress free or paid.

If you don’t have enough money to spend in starting, you can choose the free theme. But before choosing the free theme, remember that free themes are available with limited editing and customization options.

Free Theme on WordPress

  • Astra Theme (Free Version)

Premium Theme – Paid

These themes are user & Search Engine Friendly.

Submitting the Site To Google & Bing Webmaster Tools 

After making your blog, don’t forget to submit in the Google & Bing Webmaster Tools. This is a free tool that helps you to identify the source of traffic, placing keywords & their ranking, indexing, crawling, sitemaps submitting,  location and audience overview etc. There are various webmaster tools that are different from each other. If you want to know more about their working and understanding how they work and help. You can visit their official websites.

Publishing the Valuable Content & Driving Traffic your Blog / Website

How to make money in India for Students

After submitting the blog to Google or Bing  Webmaster tool. The first thing is to publish the content to your blog. After publishing content you can perform SEO for the same or take help of various other techniques that could drive traffic to your blog.

In starting your website not able to rank on the keywords or topics due to the Google sandbox algorithm. But don’t worry there is more way to drive traffic to your blog.

Below are some techniques that can drive sufficient amounts of traffic from social media or other platforms.

Early Free Source of Traffic to Your Blog

Paid Source of Traffic

  • Google Ads (PPC)
  • Taboola Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Yahoo Ads
  • Facebook Ads 

These are some techniques that help you to get numerous amounts of traffic from the internet.  After getting the traffic from search engines your site becomes noticeable on the internet and it will be ranked organically slowly slowly.  Organic growth depends upon “how you do keyword research”, “what kind of topic you choose? Keyword competition is also a big concern.

Notice:- Organic growth in traffic will take 3 to 6 month. You might need to wait till then. But you can choose a Social Media Platform and paid platform to drive to traffic your blog.

Monetize your blog with Google AdSense

How to make money in India for Students

After getting 500 to 1000 daily organic traffic. You can apply for Google AdSense. This is the one of the trustful and highly recommended monetization programs. That helps bloggers or website owners to earn their livelihood.   

If your blog or website is compatible with Google AdSense policies.  So you can easily get approved from Google AdSense and start earning from the same. So this is one of the proven techniques that helps you to earn from a blog.  It could be a great source of income for students or anyone who wants to earn from the internet.

2. Affiliate Marketing – How to Make Money In India For Students

Affiliate marketing is one another way after google AdSense. Affiliate marketing is a genuine trick to make money online. Some bloggers or so called digital marketer will tell you that, there is no investment. But, there is little investment, if you wants to generate online income. All you need to use paid ads and SEO techniques to promote the affiliate products.  

Some Popular Platform to Do Affiliate Marketing

All these programs are free to join and have handsome earning potential. You have to just sign up for their programs and boom.

3. Work as Freelancer

If you have some technical skills like Web Designing, Digital Marketing, SEO or content creations. So you can use these skills to earn a good amount while working with international clients. There are several portals that give you the opportunity for free or paid.

Fiverr and Freelancer are both popular platforms, which could be great to earn. Once you enroll with them, just make a great bio and presentation, which get attention from clients and help you to grab an instant opportunity of earning.

Some important things, before starting any project with client:-

  • English Language Expertise
  • Be Confident & presentable
  • Price Negotiation with clients
  • Choose your target clients – big enterprises or small business owners
  • Identify your skills for fulfilment of your client needs.

These things help you to plan your freelancer career. Don’t let your client go without review & ratings. Trying to insist clients for positive review on your portfolio, which helps to spread positive signs and more attention.

For more freelancer work, make your professional portfolio on other social & profession platforms like linkedIn.  

Note:- If you are a newbie as a freelancer,  there is a chance that you will not get work instantly. But if you make yourself active and improve your skills, you can get better results. 

4. Vlogging on YouTube – How to Make Money In India for Students

If you are not interested in writing, you can also make videos and earn from them. We most of know about, it is one of the popular video streaming platforms. Which helps you to do vlogging and earning a handsome amount from it. You can start your vlogging channel on YouTube, which is the most trustable and high paying platform currently.

You can start your channel in below mentioned categories or topics:-

  • Gaming Channel
  • Cooking and Recipes Channel
  • Tech & Gadgets Review & Update
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • News & Media

5. Make Yourself Influencer on Social Media Like – Short Video Apps, Instagram, Facebook

If you want to earn money and fame, you can start making viral posts or short videos on Instagram, Facebook or short video making apps. As these platforms are very popular among the youths. Due to which, big brands and companies hire influencers to promote their products.

For earning like a pro, you just need to grow your subscriber / followers. In starting there is lots of hardwork and patience  is needed. Once you are popular, brands and companies will contact you directly and offer you a good amount for prompting their brand.

Many young girls and boys are doing the same and earning thousands of rupees from it. You don’t need to invest in the same. Just have to make an active profile and post viral posts everyday. Automatically your fan base is increased.

You can use these platform –

  • Instagram
  • Youtube Reels
  • Facebook
  • Mx Taka Tak etc.


All above mentioned ideas about “How to make money in India for Students” are valid and proven. Many students are earning thousands of dollars with applying these ways.

Earning money is not an easy task as we though, it will take time, hardwork and patience. Before applying above mentioned ideas we suggest you to do some research on YouTube.

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