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IGI: Domestic Flight Operations continue after 2 Months Locked Down | Latest News

IGI Delhi: Domestic air travel has been opened up smoothly since Monday after the lock-down of 2 months ago. After the various meeting done by government authorities to start air travel. The government issues the notification previously to continue domestic air flights with some security guideline to avoid Corona epidemic.

Domestic Flight Continue from 25 May 2020- IGI

The Domestic flights started from Monday, 25 May, 2020 and people from many states had already started booking tickets online from last week. The authorities of the airports has been directed to strictly follow the guidelines given by the government to deal with the corona virus epidemic at Indira Gandhi National Airport in the national capital of the country.

IGI has been using advance equipment powered by UV rays to avoid the Corona virus. Air travel in the country was banned for the last 2 months ago, due to the Corona virus. There are automatic hand sanitizer and screening on the entrance and check in area as well.

Strict Guidelines to avoid Corona Infection

There is  a special attention has also been given to social distancing. The machines which have been installed at the airport have been designed by looking to identify corona virus affected people and also help to people maintain social distancing.

Airport authorities also said that they have been complete arrangements made for people to stay safe and don’t feel uncomfortable while entering or check in to airport.

Teams have worked round the clock to clean the huge terminal to provide hygiene status. The airport has been busy in other essential services except for normal passenger services even in this crisis. The Center had on Thursday asked for the resumption of domestic passenger flight services.

However, airlines are permitted to operate a limited number of passenger flight services from May 25 for operations between metro cities and other destinations. During this time only one third of the flights will be operated. After this, this capacity can be increased in the coming time.

Passenger air services for both domestic and international flights were suspended from March 25 due to the implementation of a nationwide shutdown in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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