Increase Traffic on Website |Tips & Tricks| August 2019

Increase traffic on website, this is one of the worst things for new blogger and website owners. I am going to show you how can you make your website full of huge traffic. That is so much important for the new bloggers or websites owner’s those who looking for the traffic. This article will surely to help you.

Today topic is how to increase organic traffic. So much important for the people those who want to earn from their blogs. Because, if you want to earn from your blog or website. You just need traffic, without traffic, you didn’t make a single penny from Google or any other platform those who providing an earning solution like Google AdSense, MGID, Info link, and many more native ads companies.

In this topic, we are covering “how can Increase Traffic on Website” to your blog or website. It’s not difficult as you think it’s a very simple trick. It will give you the results in just a few days.

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Keyword Research (Very Important to Increase traffic on Website)

Keyword research very important part if you want organic traffic to your blog or website. Without keyword research, you will not able to get any organic traffic. There are lots of paid and free tools are available to do keyword research. Some are good or some are not good due to their limitation in the free version.

If you are a new blogger for the website owner and if you don’t have enough money to spend on keyboard research so there is a good alternative for you. Google keyword planner it’s a free tool that provides you the accurate data because this is Google’s platform to do keyword research. And you can easily trust on its keyword research ability.

You have to to go in Google AdWords, just log in to your registered email ID. You can see the top of the right corner tools and settings, in which which you can c planning menu button where you can find keyword planner. After clicking on keyword planner, a new window open where you can perform search volume and forecast related to keyword research. This tool will provide you the accurate result on a particular keyword like search volume historical metrics of the keyword as well as forecast how they will perform in the future. You can also see competition monthly searches and lots of data related to your desired keywords. It also provides you the keyword ideas in the form of text hot docs. With the help of download, you can access more than thousands of keyword ideas in just single click where you can get high volume keywords with CPC, competition and monthly searches.

I am also using Google Adword keyword planner from a long time and it’s given me every best result and this helps me a lot to get organic traffic. If you don’t have enough money so you can go for Google AdWords keyword planner. Its help you to achieve your targets free of cost.

Optimize Your Content – Best Way to Increase Traffic on Website

After choosing a keyword you have to put your keyword in your post or article in the right place. Placing the keyword in the right place is very important for the ranking to forget organic traffic because keyword placing is help Google Bot or crawlers to identify the user needs.

Title tag

You have to add your keyword in the title tag of your article or post. Which can help user and search engine to locate the article or post and tells the search engine about the “what content is about”. For example, your keyword is “how to make money with your blog in 2019”. So you have to put this keyword into your title of the post for an article.

Meta Description

As we added the desired keyword in the title tag there is a second place where it necessary to put keyword again. We are talking about the meta description. The meta description is very important if you need CTR to click-through rate. It improves your CTR and user engagement.

Keyword Density in Article or Post

Keyword density is a very important factor in terms of ranking. Many of peoples using a single keyword several times in the article but that is no of use. It will count by Google as spam irrelevant. If you want to rank in SERP.  So you have to put a good percentage of keyword placement. The accurate percentage is never defined but I recommend you 2 to 3 percent is good.

Keyword Placement

Keyword placement is one of the important factors. This would help to search engine identify your post for the article. If you use your keyword in the first paragraph and last paragraph of your article for the blog. This would be a good sign in terms of ranking.

URL structure

The URL structure is also a very necessary thing. If you want to rank your post in Google SERP. It helps you to give better site search visibility. So we advise you to put your main keyword in URL.

Keyword in the heading (H1, H2, H3)

Header tags are a very important factor for ranking in SERP. Because header tags directly communicate with search engines about your content. It starts from h1 (the title of your post), H2 or H3 are subheadings. You have to to use your ki word synonyms in H2 or H3. Whenever the search engine will crawl your site. If you use header tags, the search engine will pick your headers tags and recognize the keywords that you put in headers.

Content is King

As we all know for a better engagement we need a very important thing that is content. If you don’t have relevant content as per the needs of user so, it will not good for your site. So make sure you just make a high high-quality e-content for better user engagement. This will make your user continuously visiting your website. If failed in the same you will lose your daily visitors. Make content it easy to read and in detail those who have the ability to solve user needs.


We all know that backlinks are one of the most important factors in terms of ranking of your blog or website. But today hey Google is very advanced and smart and it gives preference to high-quality Backlinks site. Like you have to link your site with High DA/PA websites.

You have to focus on quality backlinks instead of quantity. So make sure your site will link to high-quality websites those who have good domain authority or page authority.

Beware of Spammy Sites

Whenever we trying to make backlinks we forget to check website spam score. If you submit your link to above 17% spam score site. So your rating will be down. If you push your website to the High spammy website. If you want to check the spam score of a website. There is some way to check the dA / PA and spam score of a website. But I download the MOJ Bar extension, that helps me to identify the spammy website easily. You can easily download the most bar extension from Google chrome web store with the keyword name MOJ bar extension.

Get Social

Social media is a very effective tool that helps you to promote your content our website for free. It also shows pieces the link juice two Google search engine and it increases your DA/PA. Thousands of targeted user can easily read your contact or subscribe to your blog or website easily. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and quora and lots of more social media platform are very easy and effective to create user engagement. You can use Facebook groups and tag your friends with your post can serve your article or post to thousands of users. There is no need to do SEO or digital marketing. I am also using this method and taking good results I also gained tons of subscriber.

Continuously updating your content

Once we uploaded the content many of of us forget the same and working on other topics. But Google prefers up fresh content. And you have to you continuously updating your previous post so you will never lose the traffic. Because Google search engine considers your content as fresh content. So you will always remain the same ranking and same traffic. Don’t confuse you have to change little bit lines for headings in the previous posts or articles. This method is working because I  try this method several times. And it gives a good result for me.

Regular Post Content on Blog or Website

If you are a regular content provider. So this will be a good thing and you will take a higher rank shortly. If you post content regularly daily wise once a day or twice a day. It gives a positive sign two Google search engine. Because Google search engine will think your updated regularly. Google will promote you organically. It also helps you to get high domain authority and Page authority.

Mobile-friendly website

In 2019, mobile users widely increased across the globe. Millions of mobile users browsing the internet over on smartphone. Mobile devices are becoming popular in terms of usage. Visitors around the world using the internet through smartphone increasing day by day. So this is necessary to have a mobile-friendly website. Google also launched a mobile-friendly algorithm update on 21st April 2015 which used search ranking for websites that are mobile-friendly. Most of the surveys around the world show that 55 to 60% of searches are from smartphones.

If your blog or website is mobile-friendly. So you will get more visitor or ranking in the SERP.

Speed of Website

Website speed is very important for good user experience. Good loading speed website always gives attention to Google. According to the Google algorithm, a good loading speed website always give a better user experience. You have to check and optimize your website loading speed. There is lots of plugin or themes that provide you the good and speedy loading websites.

Improve loading speed with below-mentioned steps:-

  • Minimum to minimum use plugins on your website.
  • Always use a good hosting company.
  • Compress your images.
  • Delete cache memory from your website.
  • Don’t use downloaded video instead of this use embedded videos.

Guest posts

Guest post is one of the greatest methods to create user engagement and get a good backlink from other high traffic websites. Always choose a high DA/ PA site. If you take a backlink from the guest post so it will be a good sign.

Tie-ups with Influencers

There are lots of influencers in the market. Who can help you to promote your content? You can make an approach mail to them. Make an attractive mail. For example, if you mail to 100 of influencers, so you will positive more than 50 influencers. Those who easily tie-up with you and sponsor your content into their websites.

Email Marketing

You can easily start an E-Mail marketing campaign, No this is not paid, it is 100% free. Yes, Email marketing is one of the best and easy way to Increase Traffic on Website. Lots of paid and free email marketing tools are available in marketing. But lots of new bloggers haven’t enough money to get this tool. But don’t worry, I will show you the best email marketing tool that you take for free to some limitation.

Mail Chimp is one of the best email marketing tools. Once you register you will able to share minimum 2000 active mails to your users. Mail Chimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers – including automation, A/B testing, landing pages, and custom templates. This tool will help you to analyze, how much users read your article and visit your blog or website. It’s easy to use. I am using this since I started my portal and get very impressive results. However, my mailing list increases above 2,000 subscribers, not able to use. So I take the paid version of the same. But for initially you have to use this till you didn’t get budget for this.

Keep learning and Wait for the Magic

Patience is one of the best art of growth. All efforts are take times to give you the best results. If you have patience, so you can easily grow. Results will take time not easy to capture the results. We just have to wait for the right time. If you do hard work, it will pay you a good prospective future.


These all steps are practical, I implemented for my website and seriously. I get good results.  Continuously I am Increase Traffic on Website. But sometimes ranking is dependent on the keyword selection and its competition. Now ranking is too much difficult as Google updates its ranking algorithm day by day. But there is lots of trick and solution.

If you applied the above-mentioned steps. I am sure that you will get good results. Keyword research is the most important thing in blogging. You have to choose a good topic and keyword with low competition and it will surely help you to get organic traffic. And please remember content is king always. If you don’t have good content. The above-mentioned things will not help you. So just write more than 600 words article.

I recommend you the for free tools. As I mentioned above many times. Because you have to learn lots of thing about Blogging and Digital Marketing. So there is lots of chance occurred, in which you will lose your hard-earned money.

Hope you enjoy this article. Just applied these things to your blog or website and Increase Traffic on Website after ping me, what result you will get”. I am waiting for your mail. Thanks!

Keep learning and sharing!

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