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As the cases of Corona Virus are increasing in India, the problems of the people of the country and the government are also increasing. Now, if we talk about the patients of Corona Virus. Then the number of patients has reached 429.

Which is now 23rd of the afternoon. We update the actual numbers of the positive patient whenever you get the updates with regard too. These numbers are till 11. 30 am on 23rd March 2020. 

The cause of the increase of the compassion virus in China is considered to be a festival celebrating the Chinese New Year. Many experts believe that people working in the province where the compassion virus spread in large numbers take holidays on their homes in Chinese New Went to make the festival.

Due to this, Coronavirus spread rapidly in China. But now the situation seems normal there because, for two or three days, new cases of coronavirus are absent.

So that it seems that China is conquering the Corona Virus.  But now only believe that China has been able to stop the Corona Virus completely. If you look inside, it is too early to say that China has won the fight against Corona Virus.

India Battles Begin with “JANTA CURFEW” Against Corona Virus

The success of Janata Curfew yesterday, now the state and central government have extended the lockdown till March 31, under which about 75 cities of 22 states in India will remain fully locked down till March 31st.

As we know that India is the second-largest populated country and it has around 135 crores people living together. Most of the doctors and scientists are assuming that if the Corona Virus spreads in India, it can have very serious consequences. More and more life and property may be lost.

Because China, Italy, Iran, and many other countries are examples of which China should be left. So Italy is a small country with a large number of cases. Iran, America, and Britain also have the cases and deaths.

So it made a guess. Or it may be that the Coronavirus may have serious consequences in India.

India is now on the second stage of the CORONA Virus and it is moving towards the third stage but the Indian government has taken very tough decisions here due to which a lot of compassion. Only fewer cases of Corona Virus have come compared to other countries like China, Pakistan, Italy, Spain, Iran, the USA, Britain.

Government Need Support of People in Lockdown to stop Chinese Virus

Our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Modi addressed the nation a few days ago in which he called for Janata curfew on 22 March Sunday and Janata curfew was very successful but many people called his wrong and politics.

But it is not right No, the government is working for the people to make them safe and if the people don’t support the government. Then the virus will ruin our country by becoming a terrible epidemic.

News is coming from many cities that people are not taking this lockdown seriously. In cities like Noida Gurgaon, people have come out on the streets on the day of the lockdown.

Due to which government is looking worried and because of this Mr. PM Narendra Modi on Tweet on Twitter. He has again appealed to the people to stay in their homes. So that their families and others can stay safe.


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